We're In!

When we first moved into our house, nearly five years ago, this little guy was still in diapers.  At that time, we were carefree newlyweds and I wasn't sure if I wanted a child of my own or not.  But if I ended up having one, I knew I wanted my kid to be just like Sam.  In addition to being one of the cutest little boys I'd ever seen, Sam was so polite and well behaved.  I can't remember ever seeing him whine or cry, much less have a temper tantrum or misbehave.

Of course, we all know behind every good kid lies an amazing Mommy.

Anna was exactly the kind of mom I wanted to be.  She seemed pretty laid back about things, was always doing fun crafty things with Sam, kept an immaculate house and stayed preppily clad in J Crew.  A few years older than me, she was the epitome of how I saw myself in four or five years.  You know girl-crushes?  Anna was my mom-crush.

When Sam started nursery school, Anna raved about what a great place it was for him.  And of course I made a mental note that all future Munns must attend the same one.

When I casually mentioned it to a co-worker, she said, "Better start applying now."  So I Googled around and found that they don't accept early applications.  And wait listed kids are rarely given a spot.

A friend had more advice: "Forget it.  They only accept people who donate a ton.  We donated, and I'm an alumni and my son still didn't get in."

Now that we actually have a child and have had time to think about things, David and I decided that we aren't comfortable sending her to a school that requires donations.  But I applied anyway, just in case.

Last weekend we got a package in the mail.  I was too nervous to open it (now I know why my mom read my college acceptance letters before giving them to me!), but when I timidly opened the envelope to find a car decal, I ended up ripping it open.  They wouldn't send us a sticker if we were waitlisted or denied, would they?!?

I'm happy to announce that Georgia will be following in Sam's footsteps to St. Luke's Day School!  She starts nursery school next fall and will be attending one day a week.  She will be part of the Bears class.  Although I hate to think that she's growing up and I will cry when I have to pack her little backpack, I will be happy to have this day to myself & I know it will be good for her, as well.

In all honesty, we did thorough research and decided that St. Luke's offered the type of early education we want for Georgia.  Even though I knew research wasn't necessary; after all, it was vetted by Anna!

Anna and Sam have since moved from their bungalow to a larger home to accommodate Sam's three younger siblings (a brother + twins)!  And Anna is still as superstar as ever, she now co-owns a really fabulous company, Pepper Lindsey & Co.

Editing this post to add that we didn't donate a single dime to the school before applying.  We are members at the affiliated church where we attend and tithe regularly.

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