It's Time For A Fashion Show!

To celebrate Georgia's 10 month birthday, she went to her first fashion show on Tuesday.  It was a show to benefit Dress for Success and some of the models were actually Dress for Success clients who now have successful jobs or college educations thanks to DFS!

Apparently Georgia kept everyone entertained before the show, lots of people came up to me afterwards and told me how much they enjoyed her.  My Aunt Katha (who came to watch the show and keep Georgia) told me that every looked very skeptical about having a baby there when they first sat down.

I didn't know if they would make it because the weather outside was horrible and parts of Houston were without power.  I didn't see them at first, but after my first turn I saw her over in the corner smiling so big and waving her little arms at me.  I smiled and gave her a little wave and she was so happy!  After that, every time I came out she was bouncing and clapping.  No fussing, so I think it was a success!

Afterwards, I came out to have lunch and Georgia was grabbing at everything on my plate.  A woman at the table next to us offered to hold her for me and Georgia happily went to her...and played with her pearl necklace. We started chatting and it turns out this woman was the fashion editor at Houston Chronicle from the 1960s to the 1980s!  It was really fun getting her perspective on the show.  The conversation started because she loved the little outfit Georgia was wearing!

I only got a couple of photos of myself.  If the pro photographer allows posting of his, I will post them when I get them.  I wore some cute dresses that are totally wearable - and from Dillard's, so they're totally affordable too!

Hilarious story about this dress...I normally wouldn't wear a bra but since I'm still nursing I had to.  I wore a strapless bra that is molded and a little padded (the only strapless I own).  You literally have absolutely no time backstage, it's like the Victoria's Secret show where they are taking off your shoes and jewelry as you exit the runway.  So not a lot of time to prep, and someone else pretty much dresses you.  One person does your clothes and another does your shoes and jewelry, then you run back out.

The pink dress above (totally cute Jill Stuart) was super tight and I'm covering up my tummy region for a reason.  You see, after getting dressed and rushing back to lineup, I thought something felt weird, but I had drank a huge fake Starbucks and a bunch of sweet tea in the few hours that morning before the show.  I thought I was probably caffeine overload bloated, but too late to worry about that now - so, about four seconds before I walked on, I looked down and saw that I had FOUR BOOBS!  Oh yes!  My bra had slipped down to my tummy and there were two normal boobs and two more boobs at my waist.  There was no way to fix it, I didn't even have time to yank the bra out of my dress through the bottom.  So me and my quadruple tatas strutted our stuff.

I cringe when I think about it, I wonder if anyone noticed there was something wrong?  After lunch, I heard someone say "She was super pregnant last year" talking about me (I did a show about two weeks before having Georgia, they needed a pregnant person, so they got an incredibly pregnant one who couldn't do much more than waddle).  I'm hoping they just felt pity for my post baby bod and thought I had a few more pounds to whittle from my waist.  Weirdly shaped pounds!

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