Haute Mommy Monday: Shopping My Closet For Spring

In essence of doing a better job staying within a budget, I browsed through my closet this weekend to find a couple of pants suitable for spring.  It's too hot for jeans but not yet cool enough for shorts.  I found denim cropped pants white jeans that I bought at J Crew before I got pregnant.  I'm not sure if the crops are even still considered stylish, but they're free and they fit!

I hit Polyvore to find some outfits I could recreate with things already in my closet or that can be done with minimal purchases for spring.


I recently bought a denim jacket on mega-sale at Dillard's.  I wasn't sure if I'd wear it, so I was glad to see this spring ensemble.  It looks great with the white pants!  I have several plain black tank tops, so I'll probably just use them rather than buy something new.  Silver jewelry and sparkly shoes are the perfect touch.Spring

I don't have this skirt, but I have a navy tweed mini from Loft that has some silver thread woven throughout.  I've usually worn it in the winter with thick textured tights, but pairing it with pearls and sparkly sandals will make it more spring appropriate.  Old Navy usually has similar shoes for super cheap, I need to remind myself to stop in there to check this week!


Again, just mixing some embellished shoes and jewels with business casual stuff I already own.  But then again, everything looks better with a Birkin, right?


A perfect little look for gray, rainy days.  Jennifer Aniston is one of my style inspirations (plain and neutral, but always looks classy and easy) - I can totally see her wearing (the more expensive version of) this.

Casual Friday

Super easy - just a bright shirt.  Throw on the jacket if it's cool out.  I recently did an online color analysis thingy, and apparently I look best in deep cool colors, like the color of this top.  I also look best in black, white and charcoal...which is awesome because those three colors make up 90% of my closet!


Mix and match the cardigans I have leftover from my career days - this is just another version of the outfit above.


I'm really loving this, so I need to add an aqua cardigan to my closet.  And some silver Revas!  And maybe someone can bring me a little something from Tiffany to carry around?  Hmm.

Subtle Patriotic

This is not something I'd usually think to buy for myself since it's , but for some reason I'm really drawn to it.  I think I'll try to find a tiered top.  It looks comfy and casual and perfect for a spring picnic or outside shopping.

Planning for Tampa

This one is incredibly plain, but easy peasy.  Just white jeans, grey top and embellished flats.  Silver or mixed metal jewelry would look great.


I don't normally do shorts, but this is so doable.  The shiny shoes and jewels take it from slumming around to actually able to leave the house.


Super - I see myself wearing this to my Junior League meetings (guess who's an Assistant Treasurer next year??) and picking up Georgia from nursery school.

What items are you recycling from previous years and what's on your list to buy for spring?

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