Don't Laugh at My Faux-Bucks

Georgia's morning schedule really throws a Debbie Downer on how I thought I'd spend my mornings as a SAHM.  I honestly thought we'd somehow magically wake up and appear at my favorite Starbucks looking like we just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad.

Here's how things actually go: Georgia is my alarm, I feed her, change her, we play, I put her in her highchair while I (still in my PJs) get our breakfast together, then we eat.  Or she eats & I drink my Faux-bucks since by the time we make it to the dining room, it's prime coffee time for this momma.  You know - that perfect minute when you're awake enough to get dressed and leave the house, but you're not yet awake enough for a real buzz?  So that's when you hit Starbucks before you day begins.  It used to be on my drive to work.  Now it's usually right when I'm feeding Georgia some yogurt, oatmeal and apples.

I tried a few times to get us into the car and hit the drive through but it did nothing but screw up the day. If I go too early, Georgia falls asleep during the ride but then wakes up when we get home and totally skips her morning nap, which means she's usually grumpy and doesn't want to do anything but be held.  If I go after the nap, it's already time for lunch and I personally don't drink caffeine after noon.

So, at the risk of totally being judged by anyone who reads this, I thought I'd share my little secret:
-about 1/8 or 1/4 cup strong espresso (and I'll be honest and gross - I use the Folgers instant because I can't figure out how to work our espresso machine and it's so loud it gives me a headache, anyway)
-3 packets Splenda
-some sugar free Torani vanilla syrup if we have it
-fill the rest of my glass with fat free milk

If I'm craving a Frap, I just add ice and throw it all in the blender.

I'm saving calories (because if I go to the real deal, I always get a cake pop) and about a bazillion dollars a year, not to mention keeping our day running smoothly.  With no meltdowns from either of us!

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