Can't Get Enough of...BOOKS!

Georgia has been repeating lots of words we say for months, but last week she said her first official word!  She said "BOOK!" as she reached for one then handed it to me.  Ever since then, it has been "Book!  Book!  Book!" all around the house.  She insists on taking two books to bed with her for naptimes.  She has to have a book sit with her in her high chair when she eats.  If we are leaving her room, she wants to bring a book with her.  It's a little crazy but I love it!

I've always been a huge reader.  Books have always, as long as I can remember, been one of my favorite "toys" and, honestly, how I spend way too much of my time as an adult!  I really hoped that Georgia would love books and become an avid reader, but I didn't want to push it at all.

I read to her a couple times a day when I remember to, usually when we are in the rocking chair before naptime.  David reads a book or two to her at bedtime if she doesn't fall asleep during her bottle.  Sometimes I feel bad because the day ends and we didn't really read any books.  So I really wasn't sure if she knew to even call it a book yet, if that makes any sense.

The funniest thing to me is right before her naps.  She usually nurses for a couple of minutes then stops and waves at her bed, then I put her in the bed.  The past couple of days, she has nursed, then started saying "Book, book, book, book!"  I read one to her, sometimes she then waves at her bed, sometimes she asks for another book or two.

She has her favorites, too!  When I reach for "I Spy" she starts laughing or clapping.  Others get a big smile, while some she just pushes to the side and reaches for another.  Ever since she learned to say book, she has pretty much ignored her other toys.  Fine by me, I can't wait until she and I can curl up on the couch or my bed on a rainy day and read, read, read.  Or end a picnic by lying on a blanket reading until we fall asleep.

Here are some of the books she absolutely loves right now - she has books with pages but she really loves board books.
  • I Spy In The Jungle - a Christmas gift from Piper and her absolute favorite!  She knows which pages she likes, too.  She skips over elephant and goes right to the leopard and giraffe.  She likes to slowly "find" the giraffe for me by turning the page and gets excited when I gasp upon seeing him.  She will honestly turn the flaps for five or ten minutes each.  She tore the leopard flap off but still holds it over him.
  • Where Is Baby's Belly Button? - good thing we have three copies of this because she became obsessed with flaps and tore some of them out.  She carried the cat around all day yesterday, I found it in the strangest places.
  • Say Goodnight - she smiles and touches the babies, especially when we talk about what they are doing and those things are what we did that day (swinging, especially).
  • Vtech Rhyme and Discover - this stays in the storage compartment of the high chair.  She plays with it all the time, even if it's not turned on.  It's super easy to clean and I don't have to worry about it getting wet.
  • Where Is Love, Biscuit? - I picked this up at Target for her Valentine's basket.  She really likes touching the textured items and we talk about what the people are doing...Daddy baking cookies, Mommy reading to "Georgia in her jammies".  It's a cute book!
Any other books to suggest for an almost one year old?

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