Answers - Part 1

You asked for here we go!  I hammered out these answers during Georgia's morning nap, hopefully I can get to the rest of them later this week.  fun stuff - you guys made me think on some of these!

Biggest vice?
Coke (a-cola, not the illegal kind!), hands down.  Anyone who knows me well will tell you that!  I try to not keep it in the house, but there is a McD’s less than a five minute walk away and you know they have those enormous Cokes for $1.  At least now I walk when I want one, rather than hitting the drive through!  I was embarrassed when one day I ordered sweet tea and the drive through lady said “No Coke today?” when I got to the window.  Now I load Georgia in the Ergo and off we go!

I also personally feel I spend too much time on the computer/internet, and it’s something I’m consciously working on.  But I don’t watch TV (really, less than 30 minutes a week, if that) so in the evening after Georgia is in bed, it’s how I wind down.  I should really work harder on some of the projects around the house during naptimes though - that’s the part I’m working on.

What’s your favorite room in your home?
Georgia’s nursery.  I’m not good at decorating and I thought she would have a cute nursery, but a little more plain than the one she ended up with.  My aunt came over pretty much every day for a month while I was at work and worked on the nursery.  She made tons of items that we ended up not even using!

One day when I was home sick, she finished it up.  When I walked in to see it, it was honestly like something in a magazine and I was just in awe and so happy that my little girl would have a room fit for a princess.  Every time I am in the nursery with Georgia, I just look around and get such a happy, peaceful feeling knowing how much love was poured into every part of the room.

When, if at all, are you planning to have a second child?
We are not planning to have more children.

My pregnancy, delivery and post-partum were all very medically difficult (I didn’t blog about it) and we’re lucky and grateful to have Georgia here safe and sound.  I also think I was pretty traumatized by a miscarriage prior to getting pregnant with Georgia.  I have a condition that could make it happen again in a snap and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to face that possibility again.

That’s not to say we wouldn’t lovingly welcome another child (you know how God gives you what He thinks you need…), but we are not planning to add to our family.

How many kids do you want?
Before having Georgia, I wanted three.  Two girls and a boy if I got to choose.

Have you ever thought of going for 12?  (Posted by Mom of 12)
Ha! No.  My mom had seven siblings and my grandmother said for her entire adult life she never got more than four to six hours of sleep per night and that wasn’t even continuous.  I need my beauty rest!  (Your children might not all be your biological children, but I'm sorry to say that my first thought was:  "Yikes! That's 12 years of being pregnant!")

If you guys have another baby, what would you name it?
Had Georgia been a boy, we would have chosen Townes or Levi (most likely Townes, after Townes Van Zandt…we are huge music fans).

There was never any question on what Georgia’s name would be, but if I got to name a second little girl she would probably be Annie Elizabeth both of which are family names on David’s side.  Georgia’s middle name, Lillian, is a family name from my family.

Before having Georgia, I thought of having one boy then twin girls, Audrey and Annie, after our sisters.

What is your middle name?
Elane.  It’s a family name on my biological father’s side of the family.  He chose not to have a relationship with me from the time I was around 10 years old; so I obviously didn’t desire to pass that name on further.  I do love family names, though & I like my middle name!

What does your husband think of your blog?
He knows I have it but he doesn’t read it.  When Georgia does something funny or cute, or we take a great photo he tells me I should put it on my blog.  And sometimes if I mention not having time to blog, he totally takes over Georgia duty (doodie, haha!) and sends me to Starbucks for the morning to write some posts.

I do try to respect him and our family.  I don’t share most of what we do and I make sure to share any big milestones, photos or news with our family and friends before putting it on my blog (which his why you may notice a delay on a bunch of Georgia-related posts).  I also try not to share anything on here that he or I wouldn’t share with a complete stranger, since anyone can read this.  But I am a female and tend to overshare anyway, so I would probably share more than the average person with a complete stranger!

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