My Dogs Aren't People

I used to laugh at friends who told me that once I had a baby, I'd remember that my dogs were dogs.

Not anymore!

Last week, in the same week I started letting Georgia crawl around all over the living room and dining room without me right by her side (I still supervise, but I'm no longer getting on the floor every second she is), Oliver started peeing on practically everything.  We've never had any problems with him before, so I found it ironic that he peed in Georgia's room, the dining room, and the living room in four days.  And that those are the only rooms Georgia is allowed to crawl in.

The final straw was when I turned my back for a few seconds to rescue Georgia after she bumped her head on the coffee table to discover that Oliver had peed on my breast pump.  My BREAST PUMP!  I went ballistic and put both dogs into the back yard and called David (from my neighbor's phone as I had lost mine less than 10 minutes earlier at the park - never to be found - probably added to my stress) calmly hysterical because I'm just not sure how much more of cleaning up dog pee I can do.

When David got home, I was actively trying to find a new home for both our dogs.  I was wondering if his mom and dad would like two cute little (usually well behaved) Westies.  He told me to calm down and google to see if there are any solutions for us to try.  Once I calmed down, I posted for advice on a pet forum.

I'll let you guys be the judge of some of the solutions I got.  Actually, I guess some of my judging is in the parenthesis.  I just couldn't help myself.  Are these people serious?
  • Have the vet check him for a UTI (the only useful advice I got)
  • Train your child to be polite to the pups (I noted in my post that I allowed her to pet them and give them treats, fully supervised, of course - and I gave no reason to make anyone think that we would ever allow her to be mean to them anyway)
  • Keep things you don't want peed on off the floor (umm, like the actual floor?  or the carpet?  thanks, smart ass)
  • Contain the baby more and give the dog more space (oh hahaha.  are they really serious?)
  • Tether the dog to you at all times - while cooking, watching TV, doing laundry, etc. (did I mention I have a mobile baby now?  another one that solicited quite a bit of laughter from me.)
Lesson learned: next time, post on a forum geared toward parents of real live humans who also have a pet, rather than parents of pets who may or may not have a human kid.  And don't laugh at my friends who tell me that sooner or later, my dogs will be treated more like dogs.  Oh yeah, and keep my breast pump off the floor.

I really think Oliver is feeling threatened by a little being who has previously just been carried around but is now able to get around on her own, and she's totally on his level.  We've decided to (much to the disappointment of one of the pet moms who posted a "solution", I'm sure) not allow either dog in the bedrooms anymore and make sure that we are able to supervise Oliver when he's in the living and dining rooms. We're also giving the dogs more extra love and attention (as if they didn't get enough already, but anyway...) and encouraging them to play with Georgia even more.

Anyone else ever had pet pee pee issues that were related to a human kiddo?

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