Do You Believe In Fortune Cookies?

I do.

The above fortune is taped to our fridge.

The evening of my first baby shower in Houston, we ordered Pei Wei for dinner.  David's parents and my mom sat with us around the dining table and we all opened our fortunes and had a laugh at them.  I knew right then that Baby Girl wouldn't come on her due date.

The first two lucky numbers are 5 and 19, so I knew her birthday would be May 19.  She was born on May 20; she would have been born on the19th had I not asked my doctor to do what he could to "delay" my labor so that my mom could be here for her birth.  I went into labor May 18 and into the hospital May 19.

Two other memorable fortunes I've gotten include "You can talk your way out of almost anything" and "You are often the life of the party".  I saved both of those, too.

Do you have any weird fortune cookie stories?

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