Aunt Annie's Visit

David's sister Ann came to meet Georgia last weekend and we all had a great time.  When Ann left Minneapolis, the temperature was negative four degrees.  When she arrived here it was seventy-something, so she felt like she was on a tropical vacation.  Seriously, negative four!  I don't see how they stand it!

Sunday afternoon we went to downtown Houston's Discovery Green and snapped a few pictures.

I was really happy for Ann's visit because we went for a run together.  The last time I ran was April 2010 (after my last half marathon), so almost two years ago!  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it three miles, but I did.  I took Georgia out for her first jog this Monday.  I had a 2.5 mile route mapped out for us, but we only made it through about 1.5-2 miles. I haven't bought a jogging stroller yet, so Georgia kept getting bounced around and looking at me like I was crazy.  Of course it rained off and on all day Tuesday, but hopefully we will make it out again today.

Last week Georgia got teeth #4 and #5.  At lunch with Ann, I gave Georgia a Num-Num cracker and she got the saddest little face when she bit into it.  She tried again and started crying.  I opened her mouth to see four more teeth trying to make their way through!  They seem to be coming and going, and aren't causing too many problems.  At this rate, she will be eating steak at her first birthday party.

Teething hasn't been a problem for us.  No fussing and not too much chewing.  I wouldn't have known that three top teeth popped through if I hadn't been practically holding her upside down playing with her.  She has two bottom teeth and three on top (two front and one left).  They're hard to photograph, but the two bottom teeth make for the cutest smile!

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