Ain't My First Rodeo

Last Friday Georgia and I finished up my hair appointment and headed to meet Kristyn and Henry at Memorial Park.  I was super excited to see the Houston Rodeo Trail Riders coming through, and even more excited when they were still parading by when we parked.

I threw Georgia into the stroller and ran the half mile from our car so she could see all of the "horsies".  She wasn't too impressed at first, since she has been petting Dolly and Shortcake (my Aunt Brenda & Cousin Miranda's horses) since she was a newborn.

Georgia is obsessed with waving lately, so she got beyond excited when I got her out of the stroller and she realized the cowboys and cowgirls riding the horses would wave and stop to talk to her.  We watched the horsies and waved for quite awhile until Kristyn and Henry arrived.

I grew up around horses and realized, while holding Georgia and waving at Houston's riders, that when I was exactly her age - 9 months - I rode in my first rodeo parade (on a horse with someone, of course).  Looks like Georgia and I will have to get Daddy talked into that pony sooner rather than later so little cowgirl can learn to saddle up on her own!

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