Our First Ride

I've prided our family on making it through eight months without resorting to driving around in the car to get her to sleep.  We ended our eight month streak last weekend in a hilarious story that David and I will never forget!

Our friends Gentrie and James were staying with us and getting up at five so that James could run the Houston Marathon.  Georgia had a bit of fun with our guests before her bath, and she went to bed with no protests at her usual time, 8 p.m.  We were all pretty tired, so David and I were in bed pretty early, too.

At 11 p.m. Georgia woke up and started making noises.  She hasn't woken up for more than a second or two in months.  We thought she was just rolling over and getting comfortable.  But the noises kept getting louder and more persistent.  If it had been just the three of us, I would have just let her play in our bed.  But our house is old and small, which means that you can hear every noise all over the house.  I told David to go in and try to quiet her down and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

At 1 a.m. David came rushing into our room carrying Georgia and said, "We need some help!" in a fairly frantic voice.  Of course I expected the worst - did she swallow something small?  Chew through an electric cord?  Poop on the floor?  Wait - this is our baby, not our dog!  But still - did she swallow something small or chew through a cord?  This had better not be about a diaper...

Somewhat annoyed, but alarmed, I jumped out of bed and asked what happened.  He replied with, "We need help getting her to sleep!"  Georgia was cooing and babbling extremely loudly, so I said the first thing I could think of to get her out of the house and away from James: "Let's go to the car!"

It was one of the coldest nights this winter, so we strapped her in the carseat, tucked blankets in around her and sneaked quickly (but quietly!) out the back door.  We started driving around Loop 610, with Georgia chatting away to herself in the backseat.

We pondered what we should do; we've never been out and about with a baby in the middle of the night.  Bars were out of the question and neither of us was hungry enough for IHOP.  Since we were wearing pajamas and slippers, we quickly considered Wal-Mart, but decided instead to keep driving.

At about 1:45 I noticed Georgia had finally quieted down, so we headed for home.  I checked to make sure she was sleeping and she was.  Her little mouth was hanging open and she was breathing evenly.  We slowly got her seat out of the car and planned to just put it on our bed.  As I was opening the door to the house, her eyes popped open and she got a huge smile on her little face.  "Weeeeee!"  David took her out of her seat and tried to quiet her down in her room, but I could hear her talking and playing, even with earplugs.  He came in and told me he was just going to go drive around some more.

At 5, I heard Gentrie and James leaving, but David wasn't in bed with me.  I just assumed he had slept on the floor in Georgia's room.  Nope!  They both came waltzing in a few minutes later.  David slept in the car with her!  Apparently she was working on trying to crawl and wouldn't stay content in her bed.  And when he put her on the floor with him, she just wanted to be noisy and for him to play with her.

We laughed about it all week...especially the text Gentrie sent to David at 5, letting him know his car lights were on.  As for David, it's really the first time he's been up all night with a baby and he swears its one of his best memories yet.