More Signs...

More signs I need to get things under control in a really bad way:

  • I just found a brand spankin' new pair of AG jeans in my closet. $185 and I forgot that I ever bought them.  I was just complaining last night that I only have one pair of nice jeans that fit well.  These need to get altered, glad I am just going to spend $25 rather than buy a whole new pair of jeans.
  • I knew I had a black turtleneck sweater somewhere.  Or maybe not.  But I have photographs of me wearing one three years ago on our ski trip.  Yep, just found it on a shelf in my closet.  Right under the jeans.  Cashmere.  I wasted half the winter not wearing it, and it used to be my most favorite sweater!
I'm mad at myself right now!