Our Most Favorite Things + A Giveaway

So, the Swag Bags for our Favorite Things Party.  Oh, the Swag Bags!  We worked so hard at coming up with things that our friends would love but had possibly never tried before.  I'm pretty certain we succeeded, everyone was really excited about the things they got to take home, and I've gotten a ton of emails and texts today telling me I need to try this thing or another...or send them any extras!

Here's what was in the Swag Bags

An Erin Condren notepad to take notes on the things to buy later!  They sent one for each guest in all different designs.  I had fun looking through them and choosing what I'm going to order next.  As always, great packaging and these guys are a dream to work with.

Two Le Pens -  I've posted about them before, they are my absolute favorite.  The ink is nice, neither too thick nor too thin.  It never bleeds through, not even on newspaper; my father in law used mine to do the crossword puzzle last Sunday.  I buy mine locally at a stationery shop, but my previous post has a link to an online source.

Cookwell & Company Watermelon Vinaigrette.  Three Texas friends started this company, still based in Austin, that sells great sauces and dressings.  Rumor is that they have grills and smokers at the headquarters and they are used daily.  It sounds like my kind of place to work, daily BBQ anyone? And I love their salsa and marinade.  Even though they're made in Texas, you can buy them in most states.

A free brow planing and lesson, blow-out and products from Christi Harris.  We won't even talk about how bad my brows look right now; I've been neglecting them since my waxist (? shapist? eyebrow stylist?) currently charges more than my hair stylist.  If one has to go, I'll keep my hair looking good.  Anyway, I said all of that to say how happy I am to get a lesson so that maybe I can do it on my own now.  Not to mention, the Christi Harris people always set up shop in cute and/or swank boutiques around town and they are in most Texas Nordstroms, too.

Diamond Dazzle Stik to keep all of our Real Housewives sized rings sparkly.  It's like Tide To Go for ladies who lunch, ha!  This is one of those things Jessica is always talking about and I keep meaning to buy every time I use hers.  I've already just about used all of mine!  Not really, but it feels like I'm constantly polishing now.

Out The Door topcoat is awesome.  I paint my own toes all of the time, this gets them dry pretty quickly so I can at least put on flip flops and go on about my day...even though I actually would rather sit with my feet propped on the coffee table waiting for them to dry.

Caspari hankies and they are leopard print!  Love, love, love.  I actually keep these in my purse (leopard print, too), and I'm so glad my friends now have a matching set.

Everyone got a Yes to Carrots lip balm and some samples like a face towelette, eye mask and face scrub.  I also just saw on their website that they make baby products, I'm definitely going to try to find them for Georgia.  Someone texted this morning (no idea who because my phone ate all of the numbers) but apparently this eye mask is already working wonders!  I'm using mine as I type this.

Emi-Jay hair ties, ponytail holders, whatever you prefer to call them.  If they are good enough for Jennifer Aniston's hair, they will certainly work for mine!  When I used to work out on my lunch breaks, these would keep my hair back without it falling all over my face and neck and, best of all, no creases.  So I didn't have to worry about re-fixing my hair for work.

Holiday themed letterpress coasters from Sicily Eason - because we all could use an excuse to host another girls night before Christmas.  Right?  I'm planning on using these at my "Emergency Gift Wrap Party" next month.

All-natural Plantlife that I haven't used yet but Whitney loves.  Smells great!  As soon as I get out of my PJs and shower, this is what I will use. This company is all natural and the aromatherapy line is amazing. Everything is natural from this product line, no nasty sythetic additives and it leaves your skin feeling wonderful. This line is also gluten free which is an added bonus! We love this line and know you will too!

Michael's Cookie Jar gave everyone a little gingerbread man and a very pretty snowflake cookie.  If you are in Houston, they will box up in a pretty holiday box and deliver.  They are the best cookies in town hands down, go pick up a cookie and tell them we sent you but beware you might be back for more...good thing Jess snapped this pic because I gobbled mine up before I even thought about getting my camera out.

In addition to the Swag Bags, we had some really awesome items to give away to some of our guests.  We just did a drawing at the end of the party.  I'm really jealous that I couldn't win these, they are all just awesome.  How many times can I say awesome in one post?

Erin Condren - yet again.  Awesome.  They gave a $50 gift card and I know someone who is going to be very happy with her new planner!

In addition to the coasters, Sicily Eason gave away some adorable letterpress stationery and a cute screen printed Christmas tote. If you are in the market for Christmas cards she has an amazing selection and she does custom letter press!

My friend Melissa won the Marye Kelley Decoupage frame, and it's just perfect for her.  She decorates for pretty much every holiday, even Valentine's Day, so I was super excited when she won this. Marye Kelley is a classic line that will be sure to adorn your family cherished photos!

Tiffany is excited about a new monogrammed Marley Lilly pashmina.  She gets to choose her own and customize it, she just modeled one of Jessica's for the photo.  We love Marley Lilly's hats for poolside drinks too.  I hem-hawed around this summer and didn't really get any pool time, but I can't wait until my next ZaZa staycation so I can sit there in my Texas-sized hat (covering up my Texas-sized hair, of course!) and order drinks.

Shi Shu Baby was the premier gift at the Golden Globes, so we were pretty darn excited to give a posh baby blanket as a gift at our party!  Perfect since the lucky gal winning it has a little baby.  Jessica's little Jack has one.  Looks like Santa might be dropping one down our chimney now!  They are so incredibly soft.

One lucky gal gets a blow out from Blow Dry Bar in Houston.  Jess stopped in and got her hair done for our party and it looked great. They only do blowouts, which is nice.  There's no pressure to change your style or buy products.  And your usual stylist will never know you "cheated" on her!  You can have parties there, too.  I think it's like the new mani-pedi party before weddings...they do blowouts & updos and you just can't beat $35.  You can book appointments right on their website, too, which I love.

We gave away some bubble bath and other Primal Elements products.  Cute packaging - "Bubbles" was written with tiny little pearl beads!  They also have some things with little ducks and rhinestones that make adorable baby shower gifts, or that would be super cute to put in a care package for new mommies to pack in hospital bags.  I love giving body products that aren't the usual brand or packaging.  You can buy at HEB and I'm certain I've seen them in Rice Epicurean too.  If you're outside of Texas, check their website for locations. 

Margaret won this turquoise necklace from Pomp & Circumstance.  She went to school with the designer!  Marie has an adorable little shop where she makes all of the designs herself, and you can custom order too.  She has really unique things at a great price point.  And if you are in Houston she will let you and your friends host parties in her store.  Swing by and check it out, and if you're not in Houston, check out her website - there are some great Christmas gift ideas.  I've added a couple to my letter to Santa already.

My friend Sara G. won personal training sessions from Mike Stewart Fitness. Mike is Jessica's trainer and she's lost 80 pounds in the last year!  She was gorgeous before, but now she really looks fab.  I'm so proud of her because I know it was hard work.

Ok, now that you've allowed me to babble for an entire page about these awesome companies....here's where the fun comes in for you.  We have a Swag Bag left over that I'm going to give away on Haute Mommy Blog!

Here are the ways you can enter, feel free to do as few or as many as you'd like:

  • Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect, leave a comment with your email so I can contact you
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We will randomly choose a winner next Monday.  Good luck!
Oh! I can't mail the salad dressing (too heavy) or cookies (gone gone) so I am going to throw in a few beauty products that I got in a Swag Bag at Fashion's Night Out.  They are brand new, never been opened.

And just for giggles, here's a shot of my mom butt and velcro rollers trying to get all of the food set up before our guests arrived.

Disclaimer: All of the Swag Bag and giveaway items were donated by the companies for our party.  They were all amazing to work with so we decided to share the love and give away our extra products.