I Pick Pretty...Even When I Feel Ugly

I'm guest posting at I Pick Pretty today, so hop on over and say hello!

Apologies for being so MIA on my own blog.  I came down with a stomach bug Tuesday afternoon, which ultimately landed me a few hours in the emergency room and various doctor visits.  I have a condition that requires check-ins with a specialist when I have anything crazy going on with my stomach.  Honestly, I feel like I have this doctor on retainer.  Not a pleasant feeling.

I'm recovering well, but not really able to access email, twitter or anything else technology-related.  I'll spend the weekend recuperating then be back next week.  Have a good one!

(This was supposed to post Friday morning.  Darn you Blogger auto-post. Or maybe in my medicated haze I simply forgot to hit Publish.  At any rate, hop on over to I Pick Pretty.)