Georgia, Month Five

I took a ton of photos with Georgia and Bear on her five month birthday (three weeks ago). I first wanted to use photos of Bear to show her growth, but now I'm finding it more fun to document her interaction with him.  She was hilarious and I honestly took around 50 photos in just a few minutes!

Here are some of the things she's been up to during her fifth month:
  • she started rolling both front to back and back to front when she was four months, but during her fifth month, she started rolling everywhere - I can't leave the room or she rolls under the bed or coffee table!
  • laughing out loud at everything
  • blowing raspberries all the time
  • her favorite toy = her toes; she's always sucking on them or playing with them
  • taking her first trip out of state, and her first plane ride
  • making kissy lips and kissing noises