Favorite Things Party

Jessica, Whitney and I hosted a Favorite Things Party last weekend.  Jessica and I had been chatting about how fun it would be for what seems like forever, and after a month of planning (and some hair pulling...Jess and I are both a bit too much stressed-out-Type-A personalities!) it was finally party time!

We sent out Paperless Post invitations asking each guest to bring five of the same item, with a cost of around $5-$6.  Once everyone arrived and got settled in with a drink and some munchies, we went around the room, giving each girl a chance to tell us about her favorite thing and draw five names to give the gifts to.

We had a huge variety of items from beauty products, cooking products and household items.  I saw about fifteen things that I need to have now, and I got great ideas for stocking stuffers.  It's was also a fantastic way to get different groups of girls together - because we all left with some new friends we met at the party.

I took some Kat Von D lip gloss that I was able to get for $5 at Sephora with my Friends & Family discount.  Some of my favorite things that I came home with were an Orange Vanilla Trapp votive candle (which I already loved, I just finished the full size one in our bedroom!),  some bright red OPI nail polish, a new $6 wine find, and some Mrs. Meyer's cleaning spray.  I almost took the Mrs. Meyers as my favorite thing, so Ashley Beth and I must have the same taste in cleaning products!

Jessica made a banner using scrapbook paper and glittered letters, and we also had some tissue paper poms to match our party.  She stayed up late a few weeks ago making the banner and sent the photo to me on Facebook, I was super excited and just knew right then the party was a fab idea!

We put together fabulous swag bags for each girl to grab as she signed in. They included some of our favorite things that we don't want our friends living without, but there were too many to bring as our own favorite things.  Stop by tomorrow to hear about what was in the bags!

Jessica is the queen of cute, simple ideas that really tie into the theme of a party.  Check out these water bottle labels she made! 

We served a variety of light bites, sweets and a fruity champagne punch.  I love having a ton of snack foods at parties...I know deep down that I'm not eating a meal, so I feel a bit less guilty about loading up on all of the calories.

We had provolone pesto paninis, cream cheese roll-ups, artichoke dip, and a few things that I had never tried before.

These feta slaw crostinis were simple and amazing!  If Nelvi will part with the recipe, I'm going to start making them for all my parties.

We found recipes for salty chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest and golden graham bites were from a dear friend (Lawren) who passed her awesome and easy recipe to us!

I made Pecorino Fig bites.

Everyone loved Whitney's Neiman Marcus Squares!

Now, on to the party pics.  I know my friends have been hitting refresh all morning waiting on them, ha!
If you live in the south, no party is complete without fresh floral. Jessica had Central Market arrange this and they did such an amazing job! So festive!

Stop by tomorrow to see some of our Most Favorite Things.  And since we couldn't invite everyone we know, we are giving away some of them on my blog!

(If you wrote a blog post about the party or your fave things, email me and I'll put the link here if you want.)