Black Friday Finds

I'm usually not one to go berserk over Black Friday deals.  In fact, I usually just stick to hitting the mall around 3 in the afternoon.  Not early enough to get the super deals, but late enough to avoid most of the headache and crazy shoppers.

However, this year I had my eye on a Canon Rebel camera deal that was available only at Wal-Mart.  Their electronics section opened to the crazies at midnight.  Ashley Beth and I, being total novices at fighting the crowds, showed up sometime around 11.  Wow.  I haven't been to a Wal-Mart in years and I could have done without this experience.  It was a zoo and we couldn't really even find the electronics department because of all the crowds.  (As a side note, who brings babies and children to shop at midnight?  There were so many kids being dragged about last night!)

Right as I started thinking that I just wanted to forget the whole deal and go home to order the camera for about $100 more on Amazon, my mom called.  She was in Wal-Mart.  There were six cameras up for grabs. And she was first in line.  She got one for me!  I had to laugh at the fact that I'm a full-grown adult and my mom is still waiting in line to get Christmas gifts for me, much like the year I got my much-wished-for Cabbage Patch doll.

Ashley Bet and I headed off to Target to pick up a couple of things for her family, then we did a quick (well, as quick as can be expected when you are fighting a throng) dash through the mall.  

Everything in Express was 40% off and I had an additional $ off coupon.  So I got a pair of black leggings and three tops for $60.  I think the leggings and chambray tunic will be comfy and super cute with my riding boots.
Black Friday at Express
I also found an excellent deal at Bath & Body Works.  I got two large Slatkin candles and a small one, plus four hand soaps for $21.  I am absolutely loving the candle I have burning now, it is the Spice scent. It's cinnamon with a hint of orange, which is a fresh addition to the usual cinnamon that I love for Christmastime.  I'm also really looking forward to the Winter Cabin flavor scent.  It's very woodsy but with a warm vanilla touch.  I had to buy it after smelling it because it actually reminded me of the smell of a ski condo we rented in Big Sky.

I came home and ordered a few things, mostly little toys for Georgia, from Kohls.  Ebates was offering 10% cash back on top of the great sale Kohls was having.  Of course I didn't log on until almost 3 p.m. so most of the toys that I really wanted were sold out.

How about you, did you find any great deals this year?