Will You Skip Starbucks?

My usual order at Starbucks is $4.57.  Or something like that.

I don't really talk about charity or giving too much on my blog, since, to me, those are very personal.  Kind of like discussing politics or religion at a cocktail party if you ask me.

But lately, something has been heavy on my heart.  I have all of these great perks from blogging - I get to "meet" new people, read about adventures that I may never go on, get great advice, and share my family's stories.  I really admire bloggers like Kelly who use their blogs as a tool for their personal witnessing.  Although I am a Christian and have lived such a blessed life, I'm just not strong enough in my faith to put it all out there like that.  But recently I prayed that if there was some way God could use me to do good, that He would help me to see what I needed to do.

That's it.  I distinctly remember praying that one prayer a couple of weeks ago and then forgetting all about it.

This weekend I was chatting with my friend Andria and my heart just caught in my throat.  I just knew with such conviction that this was the good deed I had asked God for.  It was so plain and clear to me...here is something I can do and help with.

For some odd reason (and this is how I know it was God's doing), my chat with Andria happened right after I ( for some odd reason this happened all at once) got quite a few new followers, bought my own domain, got a new blog design and Facebook page, and posted the Erin Condren giveaway.  So I knew my way to help was through my blog.

Andria has been an acquaintance of mine for quite some time, she works in the Med Center in Houston and always has a kind word.  Andria's little boy, Audric, was born with biliary atresia, a rare liver & gastrointestinal disease.  He was such a gorgeous little boy it was hard for me to even believe that he wasn't absolutely perfect.  Basically, he was born with no bile duct, so bile can't pass from his liver to the intestine.  It just builds up and his little body can't excrete waste.  It causes cirrhosis of  the liver.  In an infant.  The poor little guy was hospitalized six times during his first year of life with gastrointestinal bleeding and infections.

Audric turned one in August.  He had surgery to try to combat the disease when he was less than two months old.  The surgery he had can last 30 years or fail immediately, there's no way to predict.  Most children need a liver transplant within five years of this initial surgery.  Little Audric got a liver transplant in October 2011, less than a year after his surgery.

As I am sitting here trying to type this, my heart hurts, my stomach is turning and tears are burning my eyes.  Things like this used to bother me, just in a general way.  After having Georgia, things like this really hurt me.  I simply cannot fathom going through what Andria and Kevin have gone through with their little guy.  My heart aches for them and how they must feel, not being able to take his pain or illness away.  When Georgia had a fever, I cried, because I knew she was uncomfortable.  Now I realize how blessed I am, for her fever was nothing compared to how strong little Audric has been in his first year of life.

Ok, so that's the story......now where I'm needing your help.  As of the time I'm writing this post (Monday evening), I have 340 followers.  I'm asking each of you to skip your Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Panera, manicure, whatever your vice is, for one day this week.  If 340 people each donate $5, that's $1,700.  That's a whole lot for just one little blog to do.  And it will make a huge difference in helping cover Audric's care needs, which are estimated at $50,000

Please, please consider donating to the special fund that has been set up for Audric through the Children's Organ Transplant Association.  Fifty thousand dollars, girls.  That's a lot.  I know I would beg, steal and borrow to come up with it if anything ever happened to Georgia.  I'm hoping that y'all will help me help out my friend by donating if you can and helping to spread the word to your blog friends.  Share Audric's link.  Share the link to this post.  If this cause doesn't move you...please skip your Starbucks for whatever cause that does.

So tell me, will you skip Starbucks today?

(Apologies for the lack of photos.  Andria sent me some but I can't get them to upload to Blogger or Picasa from my husband's laptop.  He's a handsome fella, I'll try to post them later.)