Unhappy Little Pumpkin

I had such high hopes for this photo shoot, but it was doomed from the beginning!

We woke up bright & early yesterday and carved the pumpkin, hoping to take advantage of the great morning sun. 

We were outside for about five seconds when we were attacked by mosquitoes.  Georgia had three of them on her legs at one time, so we toted all of the pumpkins inside.  (Only Houston has killer mosquitoes in late October, another perk of living here.)

I just knew Georgia would love sitting all pretty in a pumpkin with a big black flower on her head.  Who wouldn't?

I might try again tomorrow morning, although I think these photos are just priceless and will probably be my favorites even if the others turn out to be fabulous.

I do think need to be in charge of the photography, though.  Was David on crack?  I was doing all of the snapping, clapping and acting like a general idiot trying to make Georgia happy.  He still cut the bottom of the pumpkins off in every single photo.  Don't even get me started on the wall corner line showing.  Sheesh!

Also - is anyone interested in a Halloween or Fall Projects link up?  I'm always looking for inspiration and have several things I've saved from Pinterest to try.  I could post the link up later this week or over the weekend then we could all show off our Halloween projects.  I know Callie made some cute decorated pumpkins and have some ideas for a Halloween party.  What are your thoughts on this?

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