Tiny Little Clothes

Georgia has long outgrown her newborn sized clothes, and I spent an evening last week boxing up the 0-3 month sizes.  I had lots of free time when I was pregnant, and I distinctly remember picking out each outfit...when and where I bought it, and oh how I imagined my tiny little girl wearing each and every one of them.  Georgia played on her activity mat as I gently folded each little outfit and told her about it, and told her about how pretty she looked in it.

So now I have a big box of little clothes and I have no idea what to do with them.  Everyone tells me to save them "just in case" because clothing a baby is expensive (especially since 90% of Georgia's clothes are boutique or designer brands); I'm not sure that we will have more children.  And if I did, wouldn't I want to lovingly choose new clothes for the new baby?

I will eventually get it together and sell some of the items that are less special to me, and I plan on framing the dress she wore home from the hospital.  But what about the things that I just can't bear to part with?  What did y'all do with them?  Do you think I'll eventually be able to part with them once she's older and I'm (hopefully) less emotional?  Will Georgia want to have some of the timeless smocked dresses for her little girl some day?  Is it even possible to save clothes for 20+ years?  My mom has a couple of my toddler sized dresses that I hope Georgia can wear.  I have seen things like these DIY keepsake quilts given as baby shower gifts but do I want to spend $70 just to cut up clothes and frame them? 

I would love to hear your ideas on parting with or saving the baby clothes!