Staying Organized and Saving Money with My Day Planner

I always appreciate any tips that make my life easier, so I thought I'd share one of the tricks I've always used.  I use my day planner (currently an Erin Condren Life Planner) to keep up with sales and save money!

You know those dozens of coupons you get in the mail and sometimes think to keep in your purse?  I get at least  two a month from Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works for free products and one from Starbucks every month.  I also get a ton from Express, Limited and Banana Republic for dollars off.

I tape them into my planner (if you use the soft looking Scotch tape, not the really shiny one, it won't tear your page) a week or two before they expire.  When I'm out and about, I can see which stores I need to drop by to pick up a freebie; if I'm shopping in Express, I can flip through my planner to find the most recent coupon.

This week, I have $10 to spend at White House Black Market.  I also saved a coupon I found in the junk mail flyer for the car spa.  I take my car there to get cleaned anyway, now I will get an upgraded wash or detailing for free!

I've actually discovered lots of freebies in the junk mail lately.  Tons of free frozen coffees from McDonald's and chicken nuggets from Burger King.  Also coupons buy one get one free at Subway - that one will will actually use!

Since Georgia's pediatrician is walking distance from Chick-fil-A, I always tape that month's CFA freebie on the page related to her monthly appointment.  We stroll over afterwards and pick up a treat.  This month it's a free large Coke - I wrote the Weight Watchers points value (7!) on the coupon to remind myself not to drink it all!

When I have a gift card that's about to expire (most of them don't, but sometimes stores send out freebies with an expiration date), I also write that on my calendar so I won't lose any $.

What organization or money saving tips do you have?

Oh! I've also found that LePen works best for my Life Planner.  It's marker-like,but doesn't leak through and the tip is fine enough that I don't need too much room to write my notes.  I buy them locally...they have every color under the rainbow!

I'm also trying to visit all of my new followers who commented on this post, but I am unable to comment on quite a few of your blogs.  Every time I try, Blogger tells me I am unauthorized and kicks me out of Blogger and Gmail! Is anyone else having issues with blogger?  Also, if you are unable to comment on my blog, please email me at and I will try to see if I can fix the issue.

And can y'all believe my sweet Georgia Peach will be FIVE months old tomorrow?  It's going by way too fast!

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