Smells Like Fall to Me

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year.  The cool weather is a welcome change, and I love that calm feeling right before the excitement and stress of the holidays.  Every year right after Labor Day I put out our fall candles.  I am always on the lookout for new scents, and I found a couple this year that I am loving right now!

I usually don't buy diffusers, but I wanted one for our entry table when I rearranged it.  I removed some decorative items and needed something with a natural feel to fill the space.  I stopped by Pier 1 and just grabbed their scent of the week.  It smells so good!  It's kind of a woodsy cinnamon - perfect for fall and it will still work for Christmas, too.  I put away my pumpkin and fall scents the day after Thanksgiving, so I'm glad I won't throw away this diffuser if it's not all gone by then.  Does anyone know how long they last?

The scent I always, always, always buy for fall is Pumpkin Patch from Slatkin (you can buy at Bath & Body Works).  I hope they never discontinue it or they will have one dissatisfied customer!  I usually leave a large candle open in the dining room and it scents the room.  But I light it for a few hours every day so our house always smells like fall to me, even when it's 80 degrees outside.
I bought Agraria's White Mint scent earlier this year on One King's Lane when I had some credits that were about to expire. The candle is in a crystal glass, so of course I wanted it right away.  I was pretty bummed when the candle was all melty when it arrived; it was a final sale on OKL so I couldn't return it. 

 It smells great though, and I definitely don't mind it looking pretty in our bedroom!  It's a very clean, minty smell.  It almost smells a bit like David's shaving cream, and it's a more masculine scent.  He hates flowery or food-like scented candles in our bedroom, so this is a great one.

Looks like it's no longer available on Agraria's website, but I found it here on Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Do you have a favorite fall scent?  I love finding new ones!