(Sick) Best Dressed Baby

After a monumental first rice cereal feeding (video to come later), Georgia had a fun time in the bath and a super fun time rolling around her bedroom floor as we tried to lotion, Desitin and get her night-nights (jammies) on.

She'd been asleep for an hour or so when I went into her room to get something out of the closet.  I heard her cough and another weird noise...poor baby girl was vomiting so much!  It was all over the wall, crib, bedding, everything.  She ended up getting sick three more times in the next twenty minutes or so, eventually ending up just dry heaving and throwing up stomach bile.

Of course I called the pediatrician ASAP, and we were told to wait an hour to see if it happened again.  It didn't so I then had to stay up feeding her a tablespoon of Pedialyte every five minutes for an hour.  We made it to 45 minutes, but I'm just letting her sleep now.

I didn't want to put her back in her bed in case she got sick again.  Besides, when I was cleaning up and David was holding her, she just looked at me crying for Mommy.  When I went to get her, I swear she reached for me, which has never happened again.  Anyway, David has an early meeting, so Georgia and I are camped out on the AeroBed in our living room because I didn't want her to wake up and not be able to find Mommy.  Hopefully she is on the mend.

To cheer things up, here are some of the things we bought in the couple of weeks before we left town to visit my side of the family. She will be wearing them in no time - her 3-6 month clothes are too short, but 6 month pants are too big on her waist.

First things first: A girl's gotta have some bloomers!  I got this pair pretty cheap locally and had my usual girl monogram it.  I had the monogramming done in red, perfect for wearing under her Christmas dresses!

This is a cute little romper by Kelly's Kids.  Any ideas on what type of top to wear under it?  I don't want to do a plain cotton onesie, maybe one with a Peter Pan collar will work.  Southern mamas, help!

The smocking on this Petite Ami top is just too cute for words!  Very intricate, too.  Georgia has several baby Petite Ami bubbles...this is her first "big girl" outfit.

This Wizard of Oz smocking by Shrimp & Grits was just too adorable to pass up.  Red monogrammed bloomers and red patent (or sparkly?!?) Mary Janes will be precious!  I bought it in size 12 months and plan on hemming it shorter to get more wear out of it.  Y'all will be sick of seeing this one in photographs, I'm sure!

I love this Ralph Lauren romper.  It is so soft and Georgia just looks amazing in pink and white.

This is a pretty standard little Ralph Lauren dress.  It has pink bloomers, but since her legs are so long...I'm thinking of pairing it as a swing top with these little white and green leggings from Gymboree.  Not sure about that yet.  It's not so much my style, but would be super cute and warm for this winter.

This is a little Laura Ashley sweater suit and cardigan.  Perfect for our not-too-cold winters here in Houston.

I usually only find a couple of things that are my style in Carter's (Rachel, the blue dress you sent was definitely my preppy style!), but you know I couldn't resist this little ensemble!  Pink-check! Zebra-check!

A reader left a comment asking about the sleeper in the photo below, but I couldn't respond via email.  The designer is Coccoli, which is sold at a couple of boutiques in Houston.  You can search their website for stores near you. When I was googling the designer to find their website, this search on Amazon came up.  There are some cute things there for less $ than in stores.

I couldn't find this outfit online, though.  It's a two-piece with the snaps running diagonally across the bodice.  There is a tiny navy blue bow on each snap.  The print has little hummingbirds and vines.  I hope this helps!