My Green Thumb

I used to have a container garden.  Oliver ate all of my jalapenos then I pruned the basil incorrectly, and the whole idea, as well as my plants, died out rather quickly. 

Since I'm cooking at home a lot now, I thought it would be nice to have a little herb garden in my kitchen window.  A plant costs the same as buying fresh herbs at the grocery anyway ($2.50).

I'm starting out with basil and chives, and I plan to add some parsley, cilantro and oregano soon!

I love the look of these container herb gardens with a variety of plants in one container, and they are especially pretty once all of the plants are large and hanging out of the planter.

Source: via Fatima on Pinterest

I know that you cannot plant mint or rosemary in a container with other herbs - they take over everything else.  But will planting my chives and basil in the same container cause my basil to taste onion-y?

I took the world's cutest photos of Georgia this morning.  They are ridiculous, you will laugh!  But I wanted to post them with our fall decor and of course I waited too late to take photos of that, so you'll get them all tomorrow.