Monday Mish-Mash

  • David and I had our first big night out, we went to a concert at the House of Blues after first having some drinks at HOB's Foundation Room.  I had been planning this date night since I was nine months pregnant and I saw the concert schedule, so I was incredibly excited!  We saw one of my favorite bands, Dark Star Orchestra, which is a Grateful Dead cover band.  I guess the Dead is one of my favorite bands, but I always go see DSO when they are in Texas because they choose a Dead show and play it in it's entirety for each of their concerts.  They played a great show Saturday night, it's actually one of my favorites that I have on CD.  So fun, fun, fun was had!  Georgia stayed the night with my aunt and also had a great time getting spoiled and petting the horses.
  • Here I am in the Wall of Flame heading to the concert.  Let me explain my outfit...because I did wear a Patagonia shirt over a sequined tank.  I didn't want to be too dressed up for the concert, I would ordinarily have worn a Grateful Dead tshirt.  But I know the Foundation Room has a dress code, so I figured I'd better wear something downtown-worthy, just in case.  I was fine with the Patagonia.  Most of the other folks in the Foundation Room were with the band and/or wearing tie-die or Dead shirts.
  • I had a fun time at the concert...but I got carded when ordering a drink at the House of Blues.  The bartender looked at my ID and said, "Wow, you're old."  Seriously?  I'm thirty-one which was at the low end of the age spectrum for this concert.  And the stupid bartender, Domino was his name, had at least ten years on me.  Or at least he looked like he did.  I'd rather be older than look old any day, jerk.  Anyway, I am definitely going to email the concierge and manager of HOB.  Think I can get a few drinks out of them?  I think they should offer me a dinner party for me and all of my old friends! I don't care if he was just joking or meant it as a compliment (however that would work), that's what I hate about living in a huge city...lots of the men just don't know how to treat a lady.  I won't even tell y'all about the guy who didn't hold the door open for me when I was struggling with a baby carrier and diaper bag when Georgia was a few weeks old.
  • We took Georgia and the puppies to the park yesterday and had a fun time blowing bubbles.  She didn't know what to think at first, but she soon got the hang of it!
  • I'm currently giving Georgia bottles and pumping, which totally sucks.  She's going back to eating the old fashioned way (boobies only) tomorrow.  Last week she really wouldn't eat much at all.  She'd take a full feeding when she woke up, but otherwise, she wanted a two minute snack every couple of hours before she would turn her head away crying.  I'm not sure if it was teething pain or what.  Hopefully by tomorrow she will feel like eating again.  I did some reading last night and saw that by starting exercising pretty intently again, I may have changed the taste of my milk.  But she will take a bottle of pumped milk.  Any ideas, mamas?
  • Speaking of working out, I have a blister under my toenail which I used to get when I ran.  I think my toenails are just overly sensitive now.  Anyway, I guess seven hours standing and dancing in high heels will do that to a girl!  I was planning on starting back running this week, but I guess that's on hold until this toe recovers.  It's really sore!
  • I found this Photoshop tutorial online.  So far I've only glanced at days 1-3 but I'm going to commit to doing a lesson, and actually doing the activities, every day.  I've figured out how to change some of the settings on my point and shoot camera, but I'd really like to learn how to edit photos slightly if I need to. 
  • I made Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich last night, using ground turkey breast in place of the meat.  I'm sure Marlboro Man wouldn't approve, but David sure did!  Just reading through the recipe makes it look pretty gross, but I can assure you that it is delicious!  Does using turkey breast cancel out any of the butter?  I hope so.  At any rate, well worth the calories to top off a fantastic weekend!