Halloween Playdate - A Toddler Halloween Party

Georgia hosted her first party, which really means I invited some friends with kids who I never get to catch up with anymore! 

Her first outfit was awesome.  An appliqued pumpkin shirt with her name, and I tutu I made.  Unfortunately, she had a diaper accident right when the party started and I didn't get any photos of her in it.  You better bet I'm putting the tutu on again Monday for some photos!

You know I had a pumpkin-themed backup in the closet, though.  The dress she's wearing above is by Shrimp & Grits, socks are Trumpettes.  I'm wearing the ubiquitous Old Navy top that Nina so graciously picked up for me, AG jeggings and the black over the knee boots from Target that were so popular last year, since I didn't wear them last year (nothing like looking like a pregnant prostitute!).

The best thing I did was buy mini pumpkins and washable markers.  I knew I wouldn't be able to keep the kids occupied while the mommas and I chatted, so I thought they may like to color pumpkins.  They didn't really spend too much time on the pumpkins, but some of the toddlers were at the right age for naming the colors of the markers and doing little tasks like picking them all up.

I just made some quick paper crafts for decorations and used a free printable banner (from Clickable Party) that I glued on purple craft paper.  I made the banner fringe with tissue paper.  I definitely didn't do anything too fancy. 

I made the pumpkins by folding six sheets of craft paper accordion style, folding them in half and gluing together.  Then I glued on face cutouts.  I made a giant cat in the same manner (26 sheets of paper...I was up folding all night!), but at the last minute I wasn't able to hang it because it was too heavy.  I needed rods to keep it straight and I didn't have any.

The bats were pretty fun, they're just cut from craft paper, too. 

I definitely didn't get fancy, but it was cute.  I'm not really sure any of the tiny guests noticed the festive touches, though!

Food was easy - the party was from 2 until 4, so I just did little snacks.  Plus, the oldest guest just turned three, so I had to keep it toddler friendly.  Most of them were under 18 months.

Bottled water, popcorn, spinach dip and chips (right from the Knoor soup mix package), pig in the blanket mummies, and candy corn cookies (recipe coming this week).

The water bottle and popcorn baggie labels matched the banner and were also from Clickable Party.  I got the plates and napkins from Hobby Lobby.

I ordered the invitations from VistaPrint.  I paid $20 for 10 of them, but you can get them a lot cheaper.  I wanted Georgia's name and the return address printed on the matching envelope.  I think they would have been $7 without all of that.

It was fun, and an incredibly budget-friendly party.  It's definitely easier to entertain little kids than adults!  Their drinks are in sippy cups and their moms only let them have small bites of food, so there's really not much cleanup involved.  When we host adult parties it takes an hour or two to clean up half empty plates and glasses from all over the house!

Here's the budget breakdown:
Invitations - $20
Banner and labels - free!
Craft Paper - 2 packs for $8
Tissue Paper - $1
String (to hang decorations) - $2
Washable Markers - $4
Little Pumpkins - $7
Water - $3 for a case
Chips - $1
Dip - $4 (estimated)
Popcorn - $1 (I bought the kernels and popped it myself, easy-peasy!)
Mummies - $5
Candy Corn Cookies - I had all of the ingredients....maybe $2?
Napkins - $1
Plates - $3
Drinks for Mummies (cranberry & pineapple juice mixed until it's orange + rum) - $7

TOTAL = $69
It could be done quite a bit cheaper if you had coupons or bought the craft paper, markers, plates and napkins on sale (Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off, I just didn't print extras).  You could also save on the invites by skipping the extra printing or using evites.


  1. Oh my goodness how cute! Great job! That party looks like you spent 3 times that. Very cute.

  2. That party looks fabulous, and I adore that Halloween smocked dress Miss Georgia is wearing.

    I also had no idea that there was an Old Navy shirt (like!) & Target boots we were all supposed to be wearing - off to shop ;-).

  3. i really love your blog your style i love every posted that's cool i am your fan.

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