Fall Is Here!

We have had some chilly fall weather the past couple of days!  It's so enjoyable after not really leaving the house too much this summer - it was way too hot to take a newborn out.

Georgia and I had fun picking out pumpkins, squash and mums at the local nursery.  Now we have the cutest stoop on the block!

I finally resigned myself to the fact that I was never going to get out when the sun was good to take a fantastic picture.  And now I notice my mums are dying.  Great.  I guess I should move them to the shaded side of the porch.

The wreath is a Target purchase from five years ago.  It was the first seasonal decor I bought for our little house!  I would really like something with more volume, but I just haven't found what I'm looking for yet.  I also bought the two pie pumpkins with the intent of bedazzling them up with some sequins or beads, but I really like how everything looks right now.

Does anyone know how to keep mums alive after Thanksgiving, or do you throw them away?  They are annual plants, so I would like to see if I can keep them around until next year.  At the rate I'm going, there's probably no chance of that, though!

Fall is here and we had our inaugural pot of Taco Soup yesterday.  It was one of the first things I ever cooked for David after we got married and we have it at the beginning of every fall.  Do you have a fall soup or tradition you'd like to share?