Workout Wednesday: Favorite DVDs

It's no secret I love exercise DVDs.  They are my most favorite form of exercise next to having a trainer.  To me, it's so much easier to pop one in and get my workout over with, rather than driving to the gym for a fitness class.  Plus, when I'm doing a new one, I usually have to pause and rewind quite a bit in order to make sure I'm doing the moves correctly.  When I'm in a class, I just look like an uncoordinated idiot flailing around!
After trying some of her moves, I got Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis for my birthday.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning on keeping a workout diary similar to my 30 Day Shred diary, except following it all the way through this time!
Here are some of the most effective exercise DVDs that I've tried.  Once I discovered how much time this mommy business takes up, and that it's just too darn hot to take Georgia out for a run, I got my trusty old DVDs out to start some kind of nap time workout routine.  Most are no longer than thirty minutes.

I asked for this for Christmas one year after doing one of Jackie Warner's workouts on exercise TV.  This is probably my favorite.  You can use the 15 minute abs, lower and upper sections to mix your own workout or do her full body 40 minute section.  There's no cardio, but I get great ab and arm results when I consistently use this on my days off from running.   
\Oh Jillian.  I'm pretty sure everyone not living under a rock or a completely sedentary lifestyle has heard of or tried this.  Awesome results although incredibly boring, maybe due to the fact that I've done two rounds of 30 days of nothing but this DVD for exercise.  Very effective though, and I've been known to drag it out twice a day when I need to get in tip-top shape fast.

I think I tried Crunch Pilates before I ever got the nerve to hit an actual pilates class.  I use this more for relaxation after a stressful day rather than a calorie-burning workout.  But my rear end is always sore the next day.

The Firm (one of my all time favorite exercise DVD factories) Power Yoga is a real get sweaty yoga workout if you do it correctly.  I think it's about an hour, I hardly ever make it the full way through.  I love this DVD on those days when I really need to burn off some stress, steam or energy.  Usually after having to work incredibly late on a Thursday evening, HA!
Do you have a favorite workout DVD I need to check out?  Or any other under 30 minute exercise routine?