A Mom After God's Own Heart

One of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner, is hosting a link-up to share your favorite devotional book.  I just started reading A Mom After God's Own Heart and following along in my Bible a few weeks ago.  I had already planned to post about it when I finish, but I decided to do an early post for the link-up.

I haven't actually participated in a Bible study since participating in one on women of the Bible with some sorority sisters.  And although David and I go to church, we don't go to Sunday school, although I'm sure that will change once Georgia is old enough to go. 

After having Georgia I kind of freaked out and realized that I needed more help in raising her than just calling my mom when I had question on how to care for her. It suddenly occurred to me that raising a child involves much more than just caring for one.  I know the basics...teach her manners, right from wrong, read books and lots of Bible stories, and tell her how much Jesus loves her.  And I'm working on these things, even though she's still small.  But I still felt every day like I needed some divine help.  Each day as we read a Bible story from her children's book, I felt like I was just going through the motions and I was so out of practice that I couldn't remember the details of Zaccheus, Samuel, or lots of the other stories in the book.

I stayed up one night looking online for good Bible story books and things we could read together.  Then I started looking for an adult Bible study or devotional that might help me learn the ropes of teaching my child more about God's love for her.  I came across A Mom After God's Own Heart and liked what I saw in the reviews.  I immediately ordered it and the accompanying study guide.

So far I am only on chapter two, but it has been life changing! I now look forward to waking up a little earlier than Georgia when I can and reading through a section of the book and completing the study guide.

Knowing that God is trusting me with the responsibility of raising and caring for such a perfect little being (and that He trusts me to get it right!) has prompted me to make changes in myself.  I changed the way I spend my time, now I try to get my personal stuff like shopping online and working out done while Georgia is napping.  I try to truly devote myself to her when we are playing or learning rather than staying constantly distracted by the TV or my iPhone. I'm also making a more conscious effort to keep my heart joyful and thankful for all I've been blessed with - and since I'm working on this change inside, I really do notice a difference in how I feel. I'm much more able to just shrug it off when things don't go as planned.  And when things don't go as planned in a really big way, I'm better able to give it to God rather than worry about trying to fix it myself.  He usually does come through for me!

I'm looking forward to reading some of the other blog posts linked at Kelly's Korner in search of my next devotional book since I'm cruising right through this one.