Little Bird's Baptism

My dear friend Ashley Beth's little girl, Piper Olivia, is only three days younger than Georgia. It was so special to be there for Piper's baptism, and Georgia and I are both pleased that we were invited to be part of Piper's big day.

I really do hope that the two girls grow up to be friends and attend many church camps and Vacation Bible Schools together.  I pray every day that Georgia will have good little Christian friends who won't be a bad influence on her and I'm sure Ashley Beth does the same!

Georgia and I both look exhausted.  I got four hours of sleep the previous night.  David was out of town and this is the only night since about six weeks that Georgia has wanted to stay up and eat all night.  But she woke up at 7 a.m., ready to go!

Georgia's baptism and dedication will be later this fall, when our family members can travel to Houston for it.


  1. Keep taking pictures of the both of them together. They are so beautiful! My niece and her best friend have pictures since they were months old and it's adorable to look back and remember.

  2. I just saw this! I love looking at their pictures. I hope they grow up and be close friends, too. I just told Russ last week (I was probably crying...been doing that about every day lately) that I wished you we all went to the same church!!

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