Happy Birthday Daddy! (Plus a few extra Georgia photos)

It's birthday season in the Munn house!  We celebrated David's birthday the past two weekends, now it's time to start celebrating mine!

Georgia and I took David out to lunch and gave him his presents.  I got him a one hour massage and Georgia got him a gift certificate to his favorite coffee shop so the two of them can go on some Saturday morning dates (and let momma get some rest!).  Last weekend we took him shopping for some new clothes. 

Watching Daddy open his presents - it's amazing how the focus of the "party" changes once a baby comes along!

My favorite parts of the day are the times when Georgia and I hang out on my bed. Sometimes I do laundry and she laughs at me. Other times we turn on music and I sing or hold her and dance.

She loves her Jacques the Peacock, and I love her, especially with a little drool.

Also, the calling cards I ordered (for free!) from Minted came in.  They are so cute!  Georgia has already been invited to several birthday parties, these will be fun to stick on the gifts.  I'm going to order some with my name, and something in red and green for our family to use for Christmas gifts.

The fun thing is, and I didn't know this before, is that you can customize any of the cards.  You can change the font, color, size, placement, pretty much anything.  Minted's online editing program is like Microsoft Word.  Plus, the paper quality is so superb.  They're like a thick, slightly textured business card...not low-budget at all.  Nicer than my business cards, actually...and I work for one of the world's largest companies, so there ya go.

You can still get 25 free calling cards from Minted by using this link.  I'm no longer calling them "mommy cards" as their website does, because you can make them into any kind of card you want!