Great Deal on Something Everyone Needs!

Friends - I hate to post and run today, especially because I have so much to share! So much, in fact, that it feels too overwhelming to sit long enough to type it all out.  But Fall weather has hit in Houston, so Georgia and I are on the go every single day, trying to soak it up as much as we can!  I also had a great Workout Wednesday post (I  mean, at least I thought it was) and I totally forgot to post it.

Georgia is so awake and alert all day that during her naps, I just need a rest!  And she's been up a lot at night lately practicing her new skill....rolling over!  She doesn't know how to get from her tummy to her back yet, so she yells for me to come flip her back over.  I'm sorry to say that we usually end up playing for a little because she's so darn cute and proud of herself! Needless to say, I'm looking a little bit worse for the wear and feeling it, too!

Anyway, I got an email from Tinyprints today with their deal of the day and I'm so excited about it!  The deal is for 25% off custom stamps by Three Designing Women. I have several of these stamps; unfortunately, I paid full price for mine at a local store.  I didn't even know they were sold on Tinyprints!  They are awesome, I love them and can't say enough how they make anything you mail just look that much more professional and special.  I use them on everything, even dropping a note in the neighbor's mail slot.

Click here for the link and use the code DOD0908 for 25% off stamps by Three Designing Women.

Here are some of my favorites:

My absolute favorite, but our last name is too short.  I'm officially jealous of anyone with this stamp!

We have this one, for mail from all of us.

I'm pretty sure this is the one I'm going to buy with today's sale.

I might buy this one for my personal mail.

I want to buy this one for Georgia...but she's three months old. Is it stupid to stamp her board books? I'm only kidding a little bit on this!

The sale ends this evening, so snap these up while you can.