The Ghost of Birthdays Past

I'm 31 today.  I never thought I'd be this old.  Or this old + somebody's mom!  This year is incredibly low key. I had lunch at home with David and Georgia.  We had red velvet from Crave cupcakes.  Tonight David and I are going to dinner. The only bottle service (#29) will be for Georgia!

In lieu of something fancy, like Reef (#29), I think we'll try a new Tex-Mex place which, coincidentally, is owned by Bryan Caswell of Reef.

Instead of taking the afternoon off to buy myself a new handbag & shoes (#29 & #30), I took Georgia for her four month doctor appointment.  My, how life has changed!

Rather than waking up sad because I don't have a baby (#29), I woke up to my very own baby laughing while her Daddy sang happy birthday.

Instead of celebrating a new pregnancy with (fake) champagne (#30), I'm celebrating with my daughter as she rolls over (both ways!) all around her bedroom floor.  I honestly never knew things could and would change so much in just one year!