Georgia, Month Four

Four months old and oh so fun! 

She weighs 14 pounds (75th percentile) and is 26 inches tall (95th percentile).  Long and lean, I still can't believe she's so tall for her age!

Here are some milestones:
  • Georgia really started playing with a toy for the first time, giving it a work over and putting it in her mouth at 12 weeks old.  Since then, everything gets studied for a minute then immediately goes to her mouth!
  • We go to church as a family every Sunday we are in town.  She loves the choir and singing and lasts about halfway through the sermon.  I take her to the back before she gets noisy, then she talks to the deacons for the remainder of the service.
  • Georgia's first giggle was at 15 weeks when she splashed and played in the bath.
  • Georgia also rolled over for the first time at 15 weeks.  Sometime between midnight and four in the morning, she rolled from her back to her tummy.  She rolled over all night long after that.  It was a long night for me because she usually cried to be flipped back over...then rolled right back to her tummy before my hands even left the crib.  Four days later she started rolling from her tummy to her back.  Now she just rolls around everywhere.  Her pediatrician was surprised that she's rolling both ways so quickly and so soon.  She's much more athletic than her momma already!
  • Georgia went to her first movie, The Help, with momma and Brittney on September 11.  She was 16 weeks old.  She was an angel during the movie.  She stayed awake and quiet the whole time and afterwards people complimented me on what a good baby I have!  Coincidentally, one year ago on September 11 was when I found out I was pregnant!
  • At 17 weeks, Georgia found her toes and gave her first real laughs.  She first found her toes during a diaper change and now plays with them constantly.  The laugh was when I was being noisy and kissing her tummy.  It surprised me and I laughed and kissed her cheeks, then she laughed at me again.  I wish I could record her smile and laugh to save forever!