Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

The scrumptious sandwich above is from The Wicked Noodle, and her recipe for Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Sandwiches is amazing.  A very nice sandwich for you to whip up for your husband's poker group.  Ahem.

But I'm not a fan of blue cheese and I also sometimes like to take the easy way out if the results taste just the same.  I prefer to just throw our chicken into a slow cooker and have it done at the end of the day, and we usually top our sandwiches with chopped celery & carrot rounds, and slather ranch dressing on the bread in place of mayo.  It's much less fancy and a lot less work, but it tastes pretty much like my husband's favorite
"dinner out with the guys" dinner, except we eat it at home.  Leave off the ranch dressing and serve on whole wheat buns for a healthy version, although your husband won't love it as much!

Easy Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
Place 2-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a slow cooker.  Cover with your favorite wing sauce (Texas Pete and Frank's Red Hot work best...Louisiana turns out way too hot!) and cook on low 6 hours. 

Shred chicken with two forks, add a tablespoon of butter or more sauce if it's dry.  Place slow cooker setting on "keep warm" for about 30 minutes to let the sauce soak into the shredded chicken a bit more.

Serve on hamburger buns with your topping of choice...cole slaw, blue cheese or mozzarella, chopped celery and carrots...something cold and crunchy really tastes great on the hot meat.