Saving for College

Along with all of the usual baby expenses, we also started a college savings fund for Georgia.  We have a 529 plan set up and contribute to it each month. 

While poking around the internet for college savings tips, I found Upromise.  You link your Upromise account to your grocery and drugstore customer cards, and when you buy certain products, your Upromise account is credited.  For example, we "earned" .50 for buying toilet paper at CVS.

You can also link Upromise to your credit card to earn cash back to your Upromise account when you eat at certain restaurants.  I linked both mine and David's American Express cards (which we use for all expenses) and was pleasantly surprised to see a credit of $3.07 from a business lunch David paid for.  I haven't checked the list of participating restaurants, so I'm not sure if we'll regularly earn much or not...but every penny helps, right?  We also get around .50-.75 every time we put gas in the car since we normally fill up at the ExxonMobil near our house.

In the past month we've earned over $12.  We can transfer this directly to our 529 account at any time.  Their website makes it look like it'll be pretty easy. 

I know it doesn't sound like much, but $10 per month is $120 per year.  Over 18 years that totals to $2,160.  Free money for five minutes I spent signing up.  Factoring in compound interest and Georgia just might be able to buy a textbook in 2029.

This post is in no way sponsored - just blogging about something that's helping us save a tiny bit more toward a big expense!