Quick Tuna Pan Bagnat

I don't like tuna salad with mayo, but I don't mind tuna.  It's so good for you and is probably the most inexpensive protein ever, except maybe eggs.  I've been making this tuna mixture for years.  The original came from a recipe for pan bagnat, but sometimes I make it a bit drier and eat it on a thick slice of tomato, with or without cheese.  Last night we had it on thick crusty bread with tomatoes and Havarti.  I broiled the bread to toast it, then again to dry out the tomatoes, and a third time to brown the cheese.  About 5 minutes in all.

Pan Bagnat
Mix the following:
2 cans white tuna (good quality, best if packed in oil), drained
1 shallot, chopped
5-6 large olives, chopped
handful of capers
chopped fresh parsley and thyme
salt & pepper to taste

Add a couple dashes of lemon juice and enough extra virgin olive oil to make the salad quite moist.  Scoop onto bread and let sit for up to 30 minutes for bread to absorb moisture.