Paci Problems

This is how she rolls.  No fewer than two pacifiers in the bed with her.  There are currently four under the bed and four in the dishwasher.  She loves her pacis!

I was the naive person who said I'd never give a pacifier to my baby.  But the pediatrician in the hospital let me know early that a newborn needs to suck 16 hours a day, so it was either me or a pacifier. Don't worry...I verified that crazy doctor's info in several books and via Dr. Google before giving in.

Now Georgia doesn't need a pacifier, she lets us know because she spits them out. She rarely takes one when she's awake. At naptime she sucks one for one, maybe two, minutes then spits it out and falls asleep.  Same at night time.  Except when she wakes up 30-ish minutes into sleep she starts yelling for her pacifier.  She's not yet old enough to put it into her mouth on her own.  But she knows it's there...she stares right at it with her mouth opens and yells!

This isn't so bad right when we put her down, but she often wakes up around 3 a.m. yelling for her paci.  And again at 3:30 when she notices it's not in her mouth.  And again at 4.  That's usually it, but she sometimes wakes at 4:30.  And 5.  That's a very rare night, but it has happened.

I'm not comfortable with letting her cry for more than a couple of minutes, she only just turned three months old.  But does anyone have any solutions until she's able to figure out how to put it back in her mouth herself? And at what age does this happen?