Haute Mommy Monday - Makeup To Go

Things are changing in a big way, both budget- and lifestyle- wise.  

My Chanel is packed  away for a few years at least.  I plan on using less expensive handbags that won't throw me into coronary arrest should they get sprinkled with milk or spit up.  My Louboutins are still in my closet, ready and waiting for an occasion that calls for them.  So far, I haven't worn them on any outings with Georgia-bug...somehow I don't feel that the pediatrician office, pharmacy or grocery store warrant such fancy footwear.  

As a side note, did y'all know that I wore four inch heels to labor and delivery? I honestly thought they'd send me home to wait for stronger contractions.  And I really just wanted to give a big nanny-nanny-boo-boo to everyone who told me I wouldn't be able to keep wearing them during my pregnancy.  I have worn stillettos since having Georgia, just not any that cost over $100 because I have to use my foot to fold up the stroller.

Thanks Jess for the photo!
Anyway...back to the post.  I decided to kick off this series with kind of a "What's In My Makeup Bag" thing that I've seen other bloggers do. Before having Georgia, I always kept a travel makeup bag filled with these items with me at work and in my car.  It was really handy for quick touch-ups since I typically had a meeting, charity event or happy hour every day after work.  I also had to run to model fittings and similar errands quite often on my lunch break, and it was nice to freshen up, especially when pregnant - all of the morning sickness usually caused me to wipe my makeup off by 9 a.m. anyway.

These are just basic items that I love, I have been using them all for years (except the Coralista, which I've used for about six months).  Now my little makeup bag still serves me well.  Since I'm not working, I don't wear makeup all that often.  But when I'm going out on errands or expecting guests, I still use these items to do a quick once over so I don't feel like a frumpy mommy - even if I did just step out of my PJs and pull my hair into a ponytail!  

I love that the items all look great together and go with everything.  I can literally pull myself together in under five minutes without even thinking about what I'm doing (which, trust me, is crucial) while Georgia has tummy time.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is light enough to slap on without a mirror if need be, but good enough to cover all the signs of little sleep!  It also has SPF and doesn't require the extra skincare step of a moisturizer, especially in the summer.

I use a really light dusting of Mineral Veil over the LM.  It doesn't get cakey and doesn't make me look washed out in photographs.  I actually have a little travel size of it, but I can't believe the full size is only $6 on Amazon!  I won't be ordering from Sephora anymore with this price!

I use this large Bobbi Brown brush for both the Mineral Veil and Coralista.

Coralista is actually a blush, but I just use a really light dusting of it where I'd normally use bronzer.  It perks up my complexion and works for winter and summer.

Everyone needs this blush.  No explanation needed.

This takes one second to get my brows presentable.

I curl my lashes quickly and then put on my favorite mascara.  Sephora has a store-brand mascara that I really like, too.  My budget may require that I don't buy $25 mascara in the future, so I may switch.  Fortunately, I have a few Diorshows in travel sizes.

Nude lipliner works on most skin tones and with every lipstick or gloss.

I've had this brush for at least 10 years.  Take care of your makeup brushes and they'll take care of you.

This lip gloss gives just enough color, but isn't so tinted that you have to worry about it looking weird with your outfit.  I wear it with everything.  It also makes my teeth look whiter!

I used the Amazon links after discovering that you can compare prices of several online retailers, such as Sephora.com and Beauty.com from Amazon and just click the less expensive site to purchase.  Another timesaver!