Georgia's First Church Service

Saturday night Georgia wanted to play, play, play! She woke up at midnight bright-eyed.  She wouldn't let me put her to bed.  I rocked her and sang for about 20 minutes...David got her to sleep in less than five.  I guess I'm just a softie!  Anyway, we had been planning on going to church and I knew I would wake up tired with the excuse that the baby kept me up all night.

David woke me up at 9:20...we needed to leave by 10:30!  I had to feed  Georgia, shower, get myself and her ready in just an hour.  We hit every green light on the way to church, so God really must have wanted us to make it!

Georgia slept through all of the announcements and singing, but as soon as Dr. Pace started the sermon she wanted to talk back to him!  She and I spent the service walking around the foyer and talking to the ushers.  I did love the message this week, though; it was about how your relationships with others (family, friends, peers, etc.) reflect your relationship with God and that your relationship with God won't be as good as possible if you have broken relationship that need to be resolved.

We had time for a quick photo shoot on the lawn while we waited for parking lot traffic to die down.
Her hair is growing in very light and her eyes are green, sometimes blue.

Georgia wore: Noah's Ark smocked dress (Collection Bebe by Vive la Fete), Big Bow Patent Mary Janes (Gymboree), Monogrammed Name Bloomers (Ruffle Butts)