Freezer Meals

I got quite a few requests to share some of my favorite freezer recipes after my menu planning post.  I have to admit, since I hardly ever cook the same thing twice, I just randomly freeze recipes that I think will work.  When I'm doing meal planning, there's usually one recipe each week that I choose to freeze. 

I used to get kind of grossed out at the thought of eating something that had been in the freezer for a couple of weeks.  But when I went on a cooking frenzy right before having Georgia, I was so relieved to have a freezer full of good food when we arrived home as a sleep-deprived family of three.  Then I got used to not really having to cook a couple times a week and decided to just add a meal or two each week to our freezer.

Anything that's required to be baked usually freezes well, as do chilis and non-cream-based soups.  And if I'm making anything that is time or labor intensive, I double the recipe and freeze a batch.  It really only takes a couple extra minutes to double a recipe, and it doesn't require any additional clean up, which is my favorite part of grabbing something from the freezer and cooking it!

Here are some of my favorite meals:
Some people make marinades and freeze it and the meat together.  Others freeze components for meals that simply need to be cooked.  I've found that for our family, the meals work best if they just need to be thrown into the oven or reheated on the stove, I prefer to spend minimal time in the kitchen on the days when a "freezer meal" is on the menu!

Whatever you do, just make sure to cover the meal well to avoid freezer burn. I typically do a layer of Glad Freezer Wrap and then some aluminum foil.  I use my Pyrex containers when possible.  I also just found a variety of disposable pans online for a pretty cheap price, so I'll probably start using these.  It seems that having a uniform freezing container will make it easier to organize my freezer and make room for new stuff.

What kind of meals do you like to freeze?