Free Calling Cards & Mommy Calling Cards @ Minted

Minted has adorable calling cards and Mommy calling cards.  They are offering 25 free cards + a holder to keep in your purse or diaper bag for the cost of shipping only.  (Use this link to go straight to the offer.)

I don't have Mommy calling cards yet, but I'm going to order some since I'm meeting a lot of new mom friends in playgroups.  I had calling cards before I was a mom, though.  They are terrific to use as gift tags, and if you have a blog, you could use them as a sort of personal business card for your blog.  They have some really cute designs, some with food utensils that would be great for cooking bloggers.

Here are some of my favorites from Minted's website.

I am most likely going to use the offer for some cute pink cards like this (minus the email and phone) with Georgia's name.  We will use them as gift tags since we'll undoubtedly be going to lots of birthday parties!

If she were a little older I'd order something like this.  These are adorable for toddler and older children.

I love these, too! You can put a photo on the back of the card or leave it blank for jotting playdate specifics like place and time.

These are a nice option for personal calling cards or blogger cards.

I love these!  Stay at home moms need business cards, too!