A Clean & Organized Home

When I first started staying at home during my pregnancy, this stay at home gig wasn't that bad! I kept up with housework, stocked the freezer with meals and even took on a few home organization projects - and actually finished them!  Then again, back in those days I had a housekeeper and my mom was here for a good bit of the time to help me with projects and to keep me motivated. 

Now that I'm home with a baby, the housework, cooking and organizing take a backseat to the needs of my little eleven pound "boss", and I find that more than ever I need to stay organized and on top of things.  It's so easy to just spend all day long playing with Georgia and poking around on the internet or watching TV while she naps. 

I'm the type of gal who needs a daily checklist to get things done.  Even when I was working, I'd spend the end of each day planning out the next day as much as possible, starting with a list of things that I must get done and another list of things that would be nice to get off my plate.

Since I'm home with an infant, I need an easy solution to help prod me in the housewife direction.  With no baby, I had great success with Flylady, but now that I'm keeping up with more than just myself, I've found that it's too time consuming to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing each day.

Enter Just Mommies Home Organization Plan.  It's set up in a calendar format with daily, weekly and monthly chores.  The organized style is just what I need.  I can glance at a week, or even the entire month, and plan out the chores I have to get done. And since there are planned Catch Up Days every three days, I never stress if I have to put things off for a bit.

Another thing I tackled before Georgia was born was putting together a Home Organization binder, using the tips on one of my favorite blogs.  Home Management Binders have taken over blogland recently and everyone seems to have one.  I never expected to be blogging about mine, so I didn't make it pretty or fancy!  I just made it as simple as possible so it would be easy for me to maintain. 

I have a plain but pretty green binder.  In the front pocket I keep bills that need to be paid or cards that need to be mailed within the next week.  Everything else is in tabs, and I plan to create or delete them as needed to make my binder fit our life:
  • Routines / Checklist - The Just Mommies Calendar and a daily checklist I made using their suggested daily chores.
  • Menu / Recipes - I plan out our menus six to eight weeks in advance.  I also keep a page of ideas I've found on food blogs to make the next month as well as a page protector where I store recipes torn from magazines until I use or file them.
  • Groceries / Prices - An ongoing grocery list, pantry and freezer inventory and price list.
  • Budget / Finance Goals - Currently empty as we do our budgeting online.  I do have a page with a list of goals and things that I'm personally saving up for.
  • Blog Ideas / Reminders - Printed emails of giveaway offers and a page where I jot down any ideas that I may want to blog about later.
  • Georgia Activities - Things to do with Georgia when she's older and list of books and toys I'd like to purchase for her.
  • Home Projects / Wishlist - Photos and printouts of things I want to buy for the house and decorating ideas.
  • Georgia's First Birthday - Ideas for Georgia's first birthday party!
  • Upcoming Travel - Plans for our fifth anniversary trip and printouts of hotel and flight reservations.  I need to add our frequent flyer and hotel numbers to this section. 
Have you made a Home Organization Binder or anything similar?  Have you blogged about it? I'd love to see it!

Also - one of my friends has a  monthly budget/finance meeting with her husband.  I'd like to implement this, but what do we talk about (other than "oops! I've spent too much again!")?  Any tips?