A Sad Day Indeed

I can't believe I forgot to post this!  A really sad day for the Munn household...the day our housekeeper quit!

Our housekeeper has worked for us for a few years.  She cleans our house and helps out on her day off from her job as a nanny.  The week before Georgia was born, she came to work and told me that she had accepted a full time position as a nanny for two small girls and wouldn't be able to work for us anymore (unless we needed her as a full time nanny).  Since we are not yet sure that we will need a full time nanny, I wished her well.  After all, I'd much rather nanny for two adorable kids than clean my house!

The next morning, this conversation happened on our way to breakfast:

C:  This really sucks!  I feel so sorry for people without a housekeeper.  I mean, this is horrible!
D:  Umm, you've been without a cleaning lady for less than twenty-four hours.
C:  I know.  It's only going to get worse when I have to start cleaning the house myself!

(Please know that this was written with sarcasm. We miss our housekeeper as a person, but it's been 11 weeks and we are managing just fine on the cleaning side of things.)