Haute Mommy Monday - Summer Casual

The transition to Mommyhood has hit me in more ways than one.  My wardrobe has always been more than adequate to dress me for most any occasion.  But during the past eight weeks I've found myself "without a thing to wear" on several occasions.

I feel like my usual casual clothes are either not casual enough or way too casual for sitting around the house, meeting friends for (more casual than before) lunches, running errands, or playdates.  There has to be a balance between sparkly tops & dark-wash designer jeans and yoga pants & race tshirts.

I've started saving plenty of ideas and assessing what I need to pick up on my next shopping trip.  Houston weather allows for warm weather / fall transition clothing well into October, so picking up a few basics will allow me to make plenty of outfits for the next few months.

 Source: polyvore.com via Chasity on Pinterest

My shopping list:
  • 3/4 sleeve button down
  • jean shorts (remember the days when these would be called jorts?)
Source: polyvore.com via Chasity on Pinterest

Adding to my shopping list:
  •  Light blue chambray button-down (J Crew outlet usually has these for a steal)
  • Skinny brown belt to match my sandals
  • Undecided on a bright necklace - how much would I wear it?
  • I've had a similar sweater for years that I love, but seeing how this one is only $20, I may need to buy another!

Source: polyvore.com via Chasity on Pinterest

This outfit would be cute for a casual dinner date, too:
  • Cardigan - $30 at Old Navy, consider it done!
  • White shorts - $20 online
 What are your favorite casual daytime outfits?