Georgia, Month One

I am a bit late on getting this posted since you are six weeks old today.  I suppose I'll spend the rest of my life slacking on non-essential tasks, as I'd rather spend every waking moment playing with you!

At your one month checkup you weighed 9 pounds 12 ounces (51st percentile) and were 22 3/4 inches long (95th percentile).  Wow!  Dr. Lee was shocked! You sure don't have your Mama's short legs, and I hope you keep growing so tall! Dr. Lee also said you were much more alert and aware of your surroundings than most one month old babies, so you must be extra smart, too!  We love you so much and are so proud of you for growing into such a strong girl.

Sleeping: You continue to be a great little sleeper, and you love to be rocked to sleep.  You wake up about every three hours, day and night, to eat.  You've gone quite a few stretches at night sleeping four to five hours. 

There were three days this month when you were extra fussy from six in the evening until midnight.  We feared that you had developed colic and I worried and cried because you were in pain that I couldn't seem to fix.  Those days were over as quickly as they started, though, and now I am pretty sure you were going through your three week growth spurt.  The very next day you started cooing at me a little and suddenly seemed more interested in what was going on around you - this the nights I spent five or six hours in the rocking chair comforting you all worth it!

Eating: You are still eating on a very consistent three hour schedule.  You love to eat!
Favorite Activities: This month you love bath time! You started getting baths in the smaller bathroom sink and you look so cute when you lay back and relax!  Your favorite part is when we play "beauty shop" and wash your hair.  You also don't mind getting your clothes changed, which makes me so happy since you have so many outfits to wear. 

You started playing on your activity mat this month.  You really like the little blue elephant with beads.  You and Daddy just love to play and play and play until you are all worn out and ready for a nap.  He will carry you to me fast asleep and say, "That activity mat pooped her out!"

Least Favorite: The only thing that really makes you fussy is getting buckled into your carseat and carried to the car.  Once we are on the go, though, you don't mind it at all.

Outings: Mommy was pretty sick this month, so we didn't have too many outings.  Of course we went to Aunt Brenda's house, though! You had lots of visitors who came to take care of you so I could get well and go to my doctor appoinments - Mimi and Grandpa Munn and Brenda and Cousin Will all stayed with you quite a bit.

We love you so much and spent so much time waiting for you to arrive.  We still can't believe you're here!  We look at one another all the time and say, "Wow, there's a baby sleeping in there.  And she's ours!"