Shopping from My Couch

I've always loved shopping online.  I've been using eBay since before I started college, and I generally look around online before buying anything to see if I can find it cheaper than at the store.  If I'm making a big purchase from a store, I usually just order it online anyway because there are always coupon codes out there!

I feel like I haven't gone to stores other than the grocery and Target in quite awhile since I didn't feel much like walking around the mall when I was hugely pregnant, and the pediatrician doesn't want us taking Georgia out to crowded places until she's a month old.  Needless to say, I've done a ton of shopping online the past couple of months!

I order pretty much everything we need...diapers, paper towels, a mobile for Georgia's room, clothes for Georgia and some new shoes for me! searching for best prices online.  Most places have free two day shipping, so whatever I need is here quickly.  It's (almost) instant gratification.

I've been using Bing to search for things.  It works like any other search engine.  You type in the item you're looking for (such as "baby baptism dress") and Bing pulls up photos and prices from tons of websites, including Amazon.  You can then sort by various categories, including price. Since I buy a ton using my Amazon Prime / Amazon Mom membership, I really love that Bing compares Amazon prices to other websites.  It saves me quite a bit of legwork.

Do you use any websites to enable your online shopping addiction?