Georgia's One Week Pro Photos

Thanks to our amazing photographer Kelley for capturing such sweet moments.  If you are in Houston and in the market for a photo shoot, definitely check her out.  She spent three hours at our house and was so gentle with Georgia.  I am so grateful that she was able to capture such sweet moments of our new family.  These shots are amazing and I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos!

The rocking chair belonged to my great-grandmother and I was rocked many, many hours in it as a baby and child. I am so glad to be able to rock my own baby in it.

My aunt made the Georgia mirror from an antique mirror frame. It wasn't yet hanging in the nursery when I took the nursery photos.

The wooden box in some of the photos was made with wood from a trunk that David's ancestors used to bring their belongings to America. It's in our living room used for storage right now. Pretty neat that we got to use some family heirlooms in our photos!

All photos were taken in our home with natural light. Most were taken in the nursery.