Things I Love, Pregnancy Version

Since I only have a couple of weeks left, I'm not sure that much more can get added to this list!  Hopefully these items will help a few readers in the future; at the very least, I'll have a list of necessities ready in case we are ever blessed with a sibling for Baby Munn.

My good friend Julie sent me a care package not long after I got pregnant.  It had Mama Mio's famous Tummy Rub stretch mark prevention creme and Boob Tube, which keeps your boobs from sagging.  I loved both of these products!  They smell heavenly and do a fantastic job of moisturizing. 

These products are definitely the perfect fun gift for a newly pregnant friend or yourself.  Mama Mio makes tons of pregnancy and post-baby products, but it looks like these two are their best sellers.

When you suddenly run out of the awesome stretch mark prevention creme your friend got you - or if you aren't sure about shelling out the cash for some, grab some Palmer's Coca Butter.  Once I ran out of the Mama Mio, I used Palmer's twice a day. It is quite a bit more scented and not as "nice" as the Mama Mio, but it is super cheap and does the trick.

I wasn't so sure about this stuff after getting pampered with the Mama Mio, but it worked like a charm.  I am currently a little over 37 weeks along (I post photos and updates a week late), my belly has grown tremendously and I have no stretch marks to show for it!  I give credit my daily "buttering up" as David likes to call it, since genetically I should have a few stretch marks by now. 

Makeup removal wipes were a Godsend when I was too sick and tired to wash my face at the end of the day.  Sometimes just thinking about using a washcloth or multiple products was just too much to think about when I was feeling horrible or exhausted, and face wipes were the only way I did any skincare at all at the end of the day.  I found that using one or two with built-in moisturizer to just really clean my face, then splashing with water and using eye cream when I felt like it was a good plan for me.

David bought me some at Sephora that I loved (and I previously used MAC), then I just started buying them at CVS.  I didn't notice a difference among any of the brands I've used other than price. 

You can't tell from the photo, but this is a heating pad.  I didn't think I'd ever use one, but at about 36 weeks mine became a daily necessity.  If your belly gets bigger earlier on or you start having excessive back pain, you will want to get one earlier!  I actually wish I'd started using one earlier as it may have helped keep me more comfortable while at work. 

I usually just put mine on the couch and lie down on top of it for awhile to watch TV or read a book.  If I am having muscle pain as opposed to contraction pain, the heating pad usually alleviates it quite a bit.

I bought both of the designer maternity jeans above (except I got the A-Pocket Sevens, I couldn't find a link to them) and started wearing them during my fifth month.  The Sevens have an over-the-belly panel and the R&R are just cut low enough to fit under my belly.  I bought both in my pre-pregnancy size and they fit perfectly.  Actually, since I lost weight, I could have probably sized down in the Sevens, but better safe than sorry - for once I decided that comfort would trump looking cute should I gain too much weight!

Both styles of jeans are comfortable for different reasons and occasions.  The belly panel is great to wear when I know I'll be sitting a lot; however, it tends to get pretty itchy as the day goes on.  The panel does cover up your belly button if it's starting to poke out, which is a bonus.  Another downside is that cotton shirts tend to stick to the panel. 

The under belly jeans are more comfortable, but get to be not so comfy if I'm sitting a lot.  And they do have some muffin-top potential.  They're great for a lunch or dinner out, or wearing to run errands, though.

I definitely don't think that every pregnant woman needs expensive or designer jeans...but I do think she needs a pair of comfortable jeans that make her look and feel fabulous.  Pregnancy is one time in your life that you want to look back on fondly and remember the best parts.  In five years, I don't want to look back at my photographs and cringe because I didn't photograph well or just looked and felt downright frumpy (which is very easy to do in maternity clothes!). 

If I had found a pair of $30 jeans that did the trick, believe me, I would have bought them in a heartbeat!  I just chose to go with the exact style of jeans that are my favorite when I'm not pregnant since I knew they'd make me feel and look great. 

You can generally sell gently used designer maternity jeans (eBay or your local consignment shop) for well over $100.  Factoring that into my cost made spending quite a bit on jeans I'll only be wearing for five months much easier to swallow.

These maternity panties are phenomenal!  I certainly didn't want to give in to cotton briefs due to my delicate condition, but there comes a point during pregnancy when thongs just aren't such a comfortable idea!  Fortunately, the sales associate at Pea in the Pod told me about these and I converted right away! 

These underwear thankfully are made in more colors than nude...think leopard print, black, and bright colors, just like your usual Hanky Pankies.  They are a silky cotton fabric that I wore with everything in my closet.  And here's the best part: never a visible panty line!  I know I'll be wearing these post-partum, too.  They are just that comfy.

Ice cold Cokes were a daily habit for me.  They were literally the only type of liquid I could stomach for the first half of my pregnancy, and now I'm just a shameless addict.  I wish I could get used to the diet version and save myself the extra 120 calories per day.  I also wish I'd had a cute little fridge like this one at my desk!

Another first trimester staple that I now cannot live without - Cheddar and Sour Cream flavored Ruffles potato chips.  When my doctor said just eat whatever I can keep down, no matter if it's healthy or not, I really took that advice.  The horrible thing is that I now still eat like this even though I know I probably shouldn't!

Two separate daily morning sickness medications (taken multiple times a day) and an iron supplement for severe's safe to say that things just didn't move along like they should on their own!  The last thing I wanted to carry up to my CVS counter was constipation relief, but I've heard horror stories of pregnancy hemorrhoids (which I have fortunately managed to avoid!) and I'd much rather prevent than have to treat a sore behind!

By the second trimester, my stomach was horribly bloated an uncomfortably painful, so my doctor told me to take a serving of Miralax every day. The medication itself says that it's not to be used for more than seven days, so I asked my doctor about this.  He said it's incredibly gentle and safe to use for longer term when pregnant; the medication manufacture would just rather you visit a doctor if you're having problems that persist longer than one week. 
My doctor said that pediatricians often give this to babies and toddlers, it's that gentle.  I typically try not to over-medicate, so having this information made me feel better about it. 
I preferred the box of Miralax with single serving packets. They are portable and easier to pour.  I usually mixed mine with a glass of juice, it doesn't change the flavor or texture at all. 
I did try the Up & Up brand from Target and found that it required a larger amount for the daily dose and made my juice a bit grainy.  It is cheaper, but I still prefer the Miralax.

No Amazon link to this gem, but if you are not reading I Pick Pretty, you need to go check it out.  She's been one of my favorite reads for awhile.  She didn't blog a ton during pregnancy, but is now back from hiatus with hilarious gems from the first year of motherhood.  She's talking about things I know I'll be thinking soon.