The Nursery!

I always knew that if I had a little girl I would want a really girly room.  Frilly without being too ruffly.  All pink, but not themed.  After I fell in love with some fabric, my mom generously bought the bedding I had made and it set the tone I wanted for the room.

My fabulous aunt was a huge help with everything else.  She did quite a bit of the painting and had all of the decorating ideas.  She would stop by with her Suburban full of surprises for me to choose from.  After I made decisions on which decor items to use, she generously set it all up for me when I was home sick one day.  I love it!

The color in some of the pictures has a yellow tone, I've obviously not yet mastered using a camera (ha!) and when I tried to correct it in Photoshop I got irritated because it was taking too long.  So I kept them as is although  I've pointed out those that are most indicative of the actual colors.  Also - our honeycomb window blinds do go all the way down, I just couldn't reach the belly was in the way!

This is the view when entering the nursery door.

I am pretty sure we ended up using Behr's Primrose for the walls, but I'll double check that and post the correct color.

The chandalier is an inexpensive one from Lowe's.  It had pink crystals that I thought I'd really like but they ended up looking too purple.  My aunt and I stopped in a store in my neighborhood that sells vintage furniture, Trapp candles and some funky clothes and happened upon a ton of chandalier crystals.  So we spent $20 and replaced all the crystals and I like the look so much better!

 This is the feeding and rocking area.

The glider was one of the things I decided to skimp on.  The fully upholstered ones are nice, but they all looked too cushy to go with the rest of the room.  When I saw the color of this microsuede one by Shermag, I knew it would match the brown on the bedding perfectly, and it does! The only problem is that the wooden part was a natural brown color.  David lovingly painted all of it for me so that the glider would match the rest of the room.

The little iron chair and footstool are just precious.  The stuffed animals are sitting in it now, but it has the most adorable owls in the iron work.  I could have done without the footstool, but my aunt thinks Baby Girl might need a place to rest her feet!

This is the changing area, and this photo is pretty realistic of the nursery colors.

The dresser is the Hemnes from Ikea.  We have some custom art that needs to be hung above this.  It's gorgeous and I can't wait to show it off!  I'll post it after the baby is born.

The dress is by Rosalina and Baby Girl will be wearing it home from the hospital.

The chest is from my childhood bedroom set.  My aunt repainted it and brightened the gold parts.

The photo above shows the true colors of the paint and furniture.  The ballerina prints are vintage and were in my baby cousin's nursery (she is now sixteen!).  The blue music box was handmade and hand painted in Italy by one of the oldest Florentine stationery shops.  I picked it up there last year knowing that I'd want my little girl to have it some day.  I also have another custom art from that same store that is waiting to be framed and hung.  I stayed in the store so long that the owner made it especially for me, then gave it to me when I came back later that day to pick it up! 

A different view of the room.  The little table in front of the window is vintage/antique.  Small basket holds toys, larger basket holds books.

I love this little rocking horse so much that he gets his own photo.  It's not meant to be a toy, but I'm sure Baby Girl will try to ride it as soon as she's big enough to climb onto it!

Gorgeous crib, bedding and painting!  David did the painting on canvas.  I let him know this means she'll be wanting to start ballet lessons as soon as she can walk and he agreed.

Close up of the bedding.

...And this is the top rack of the closet.  There are more clothes on a shelf below.  In addition, all of the newborn to six month gowns, onesies, sleepers and shorts outfits for this summer are stuffed into the dresser.  Basically just smocked or ruffled items and dresses are in the closet.  I've only bought newborn through six month sizes, with the exception of a couple of Christmas outfits, which are nine months. This poor baby is going to be tired of changing clothes all the time!

Email me if you have any questions or would like a source or budget breakdown.